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Stanley Tools GR2930101 Hydraulic Underwater Grinder - 9 Inch Wheel - CE Version (Excludes Hose Whips - Includes Couplers)

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  • Grinding and cleaning in underwater applications


  • Adjustable wheel guard
  • 4-10 gpm (15-38 lpm) operating range at the commercial diver end
  • 2700 rpm @ 10 gpm (38 lpm)
  • Grinding wheels are sold separately
  • Hose whips are sold separately for the CE version GR29. For hose whips, please purchase two of Stanley Tools 12 in. Pigtail Hose P/N: 01652.


  • Capacity: 9 in. wheel on 5/8 in. -11 arbor
  • Rpm: 2700 @ 10 gpm (2700 @ 38 gpm)
  • Weight (with guard): 14 lbs. (6.4 kg)
  • Length: 11 in. (28 cm)
  • Width (with guard): 12 in. (30.5 cm)
  • Pressure: 1000 - 2500 psi (70-176 bar)
  • Flow range: 4-10 gpm (15-38 lpm) at the commercial diver
  • Optimum flow: 10 gpm (38 lpm)
  • Porting: -8 SAE O-ring
  • Motor: Stanley Hyrevz Gear

Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Grinder GR29 - P/N: GR2930101 Includes:

  • (1) Quick Disconnect Face Coupler Set 3/8 in. NPT - P/N: 03971
  • (1) Assist Handle with Plastisol Covering - P/N: 08130
  • (1) Wheel Nut Spanner - P/N: 12815
  • User Manual

The Stanley Hydraulics Underwater Grinder GR29 is used by commercial divers for top, face, and side grinding using 9 inch (228.6 mm) diameter wheels. Wire brushes can also be used and depressed-center wheels with an optional adapter. This hydraulic underwater tool can be used by commercial divers to clean off barnacles or coral off of the bottom of the ships.

The CE version of the Stanley Underwater Hydraulic Grinder P/N: GR2930101 comes with quick disconnect couplers but hose whips are sold separately. Hose whips and quick disconnect couplers are sold separately for the Stanley Hydraulics Underwater Grinder part number GR29310.

Stanley's Underwater Hydraulic Grinder GR29 can be used by commercial divers for underwater grinding and cleaning with either cup or standard grinding wheels, wire or nylon brushes. Grinding wheels are sold separately.

The integral Stanley Hyrevz gear motor is manufactured to exacting standards to deliver maximum efficiency for the Stanley Hydraulics Underwater Grinder GR29. The plastisol covering the handle transmits very little heat. The plastisol gives a more comfortable grip to the Stanley Hydraulic Underwater GR29. There are two positions available for the assist handle to be conveniently placed by the commercial diver. Either position is at a most comfortable handling position from the valve handle.

The wheel guard is adjustable. By loosening the clamp screw the guard may be rotated to any convenient position by the commercial diver.

*Please reference the ATTACHMENTS tab for downloadable and printable files on this underwater tool.


Product FAQ's

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  • How often should I grease the front end of the GR29 Grinder?
    Stanley recommends removing the front end of the tool after every 10 hours of operation to ensure the grease has not hardened. If you suspect the grease to not be working, you will need to remove the old grease from the front end of the tool and repack it with 7 pumps of new grease.
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  • Will my tool operate if I use a lower flow rate than what would be considered optimum for the tool to operate?
    Yes, most tools have an optimal flow range, as long as the gallons per minute delivered to the tool is within this range the tool will work. However, please be award that the tool will run at a slower speed based on the flow rated delivered to the tool. Basically, the lower the gallons per minute the slower the tool will run.
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  • Do any of the Stanley hydraulic tools ship full of hydraulic oil?
    No, but the factory normally will leave a little fluid inside the tool to help lubricate the internal components during storage.
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  • What is the difference between the GR29 Grinder and the GR29 CE version Grinder?
    The GR29 CE version comes with Quick Disconnect Couplers and a Drive Flange that allows the user to install a grinding wheel that does not come with a built-in arbor.
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