Customer Feedback Form

Receiving feedback from our customers whether positive or constructive (negative), plays a significant role in the development and continuous improvement of our quality management system at Amron International.  Through the below Feedback Form and our Customer Feedback Handling Process, we seek to:

  • Foster an easy-to-use, customer-based approach.
  • Identify and address instances of nonconformity with health, safety, environmental, customer, regulatory and other legal requirements.
  • Identify and correct product and process deficiencies.
  • Assess opportunities for product or process improvements and the need for changes.
  • Encourage innovation through the complaint-handling process.

If you would like more information about our Customer Feedback Handling Process or would like to speak to our Customer Relations Specialist or any other Manager about any issue (complements or areas of improvement), please do not hesitate to contact us via email, telephone, mail, or fax.  You can also download the Feedback Form (PDF) and fax or mail it to our Customer Relations Specialist, Quality Manager or President at Amron International, Inc. 1380 Aspen Way, Vista, California 92081-8349 United States of America or call (877) 462-6700. Our fax number is (760) 599 3857.

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Feedback provided in this form is confidential and intended for Amron’s Management Team to identify and address instances of product nonconformity or process deficiencies as well as assessing opportunities for improvement. As such, all information is to be made available only to designated employees of our company, and will not be disclosed to any third party. In case the feedback provided in this form qualifies as a Complaint, it will be handled under Amron’s Customer Feedback Handling Process and will be reviewed and responded to within one business day.