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Analox SABCBAA5601A Sub Aspida Portable Monitor Submarine Version with 9VDC

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Choose the right Aspida for your Application:

  HBOT Aspida ADM Aspida SUB Aspida

Hyperbaric (Inside Chamber up to 3BarA)
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Panel

Surface Supplied Air Diving
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Panel

Surface Supplied Air Diving
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Panel
Gases O2/CO2 Dual

O2/CO2 Dual

O2/CO2 Dual
Type Portable
Wall Mount (with Optional Clip)
Panel Portable
Wall Mount (with Optional Clip)
Use in Chamber? Yes No No
Compliance N/A IMCA No


  • Easy to read display: The Sub Aspida displays Oand CO2 and pressure on one display
  • Audio visual and vibration alarms
  • Data logging and full user maintenance through Analox's unique calibration software
  • Intelligent software which lets you know what requires maintenance and when - ensuring optimum performance of your unit
  • Automatic pressure correction of Oand COreadings for more accurate results


  • Sensor range:
    • O2:0-1200 mbar
    • CO2 Range: 0-5%, Submarine Version
  • Operating temperature: 32° to 122oF (0° to 50oC)
  • IP rate: IP65
  • EMC: 2004/108/EC
  • Operating time: 
    • 12 hours from a fully charged set of batteries or 2AA batteries
    • Continuous power option from 9VDC US wall charger
  • Operating pressure: 800-1200mbar
  • Response time: 
    • CO2: T90<60 secs, 
    • O2: T90<30 secs
  • Visual alarms: 
    • 1 x green - OK
    • 1 x amber - fault
    • 3 x red - alarm
  • Audible alarm: 95db at 30cm
  • Dimensions: 4.97in L x 1.72in D x 3.46in W (126.35 mm x 43.8 mm x 88 mm)
  • Weight: 335g

Designed specially with diesel-powered military submarines in mind, this compact, robust O2 and CO2 monitor is also ideally suited to commercial manned submersible environmental monitoring. 

Providing continual displays of the O2 and CO2 content in the enclosed space of a submersible with adjustable alarms and datalogging, what more could you need?

The Sub Aspida is a purpose designed portable monitor capable of detecting both CO2 and O2. This compact, rugged unit offers 12 hours battery life, audio, visual and vibration alarms as standard. In addition the Sub Aspida offers;

  • Automatic pressure correction of O2 and CO2 readings for more accurate results
  • Intelligent sensors ensure you know when the Sub Aspida needs maintaining
  • Data-logging and full user maintenance using Analox PC software
  • Diving chambers: the Sub Aspida can be mounted on the dive panel and provided with a pressure reduced sample line from the chamber.

The Sub Aspida is supplied with a push-in flow adaptor, USB cable and data download software as standard.


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