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Outland Technology OTI-UWL-401 LED Light

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  • 50,000 hr. life LED
  • Equivalent to 150 watt Halogen


  • Mechanical
    • Size 1.6 in. Dia. x 4 in. L.
    • Depth Rating: 6,560 ft. (2,000 m)
    • Materials 6061 T6 hard coat anodized aluminum
  • Electrical
    • 24 VDC 18 watt, (Equivalent to 150 watt Halogen)
    • 2150 Lumen LED, 960 lux at 1 meter.

The Outland Technology UWL-401 LED Light is a great low power underwater camera or work light.


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  • Can Outland Technology install another manufacturer’s connector on their cameras and/or lights?

    Yes, they can install any connector you request as long as the connector will fit on the camera or light housing. You will also have to provide a wiring diagram for the new connector that will mate with the camera system you’re planning to use with the camera or light. There will be an additional cost as well.

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