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Grace SODA-SORB-HP Sodasorb Carbon Dioxide Absorbents - 4-8 Mesh - Indicating

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  • Consistent quality
  • Longer lasting performance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Unsurpassed technical support
  • Processed into porous, coral-like granules in order to expose the greatest area of absorbent surface
  • Sodasorb® with indicator contains ethyl violet which changes in color from white to purple as its capacity for absorption is exhausted. The clearly observable color change signals a clinical point of exhaustion and need for replenishment.

Sodasorb® HP complies with all requirements for Soda Lime Absorbent as referenced in USP XXI-NF-XVI.


  • 5 Gallon pail
  • Approximately 40 lbs (18.14 kg)

Sodasorb® HP (High Performance) CO2 absorbent plays an essential role in commercial and recreational diving and underwater habitat applications by safely and efficiently removing exhaled CO2 from saturation breathing systems, closed-circuit rebreather gear, and hyperbaric chambers. Sodasorb® HP is specially formulated to meet the performance demands of saturation diving, rebreather diving, and submarine activities, enabling military, commercial, scientific, and recreational divers to breathe safely on longer, deeper dives.

For years, submersibles and military, commercial and recreational divers using closed-circuit rebreathers have relied on market-leading Sodasorb® HP absorbent in the 4-8 mesh grade formulation to remove expired CO2.

Sodasorb® HP 4-8 is efficient - It's long-lasting formulation removes CO2 for hours.

  • Sodasorb® HP 4-8 is designed specifically for undersea applications - The 4-8 mesh grade is specially formulated with the right ingredients, moisture content, surface area, and density to support a multitude of undersea applications.
  • Sodasorb® HP is safe and simple to use - Its high-contrast color change lets you know when it's time to change.
  • Sodasorb® HP is also available without indicator, if desired. 

* For best results, please refer to your breathing system manufacturer for direction on which mesh grade of Sodasorb® HP is required for your unit and application.


Product FAQ's

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  • Why is there indicating and non-indicating Sodasorb?

    Many years ago the U.S. Military used indicating Sodasorb but they found that the ingredient used to change the color of the Sodasorb from white to purple gave off a fishy odor. The U.S. Military decided to switch from indicating to non-indicating Sodadorb to resolve this issue. The manufacturer has since fixed the order issue by switching the indicating ingredient.

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  • How would a customer know they need to change the Sodasorb if it’s not indicating?

    If the customer is using non-indicating Sodasorb then they need to monitor the CO2 level in the chamber with an Analox 5001 Carbon Dioxide Analyzer. If the percentage starts to increase then the sodasorb most likely needs to be changed.


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  • What is the difference between indicating and non-indicating Sodasorb?

    Indicating SodaSorb turns purple as the carbon dioxide absorption capacity is depleted.

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  • What is the difference between Sodasorb and Sofnolime?

    The chemical composition differs slightly but the application and use is the same. Sodasorb is manufactured by Grace whereas Sofnolime is manufactured by another company.

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  • How long should my Sodasorb last?

    In a properly packed and well designed canister, approximately 100 grams of Sodasorb will absorb 15 liters of carbon dioxide before the exit gas exceeds 1% carbon dioxide (CO2). This assumes no significant amount of channeling through the absorbent. Hence, for an eight hour capacity, a canister should hold approximately 1 kilogram of Sodasorb absorbent.

    High gas flows may impair the efficiency of CO2 absorption, if caking or decreased wetting of the Sodasorb absorbent occur. When residence time (time of contact between CO2 and absorbent) is less than 1 second, CO2 absorption capacity is greatly reduced.

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  • How much Sodasorb does the canister hold?

    The 3.80.1018 canister holds 16.5 lbs of Sodasorb.


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  • Is this safe to use in a low flow anesthesia machine?
    This configuration of Soda Sorb is not designed to be used in a medical application. Amron sells this product for use in diving rebreathers and for hyperbaric environments.
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