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Viking PRO 1050 g/m2 Vulcanized Rubber Drysuit with Surveyor Hood

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  • Fire and Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
  • General Industry

VIKING® PRO Key Features:

  • Vulcanized rubber material is easy to clean and repair
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Available in 14 sizes:
    • Standard: Small to 3XL
    • Wide: Medium to 3XL
    • Double Wide: Medium to 3XL
  • Available in the Back Entry version only
  • Reinforced rubber boots fitted with fin-strap holders


  • Latex Surveyor Hood (P/N 111320001) Surveyor Hood Version
  • Hood Liner (P/N 76602500)
  • Latex Neck Seal (P/N 11330001)
  • SiTech Push Protect Swivel Inflator Valve (P/N 72190612)
  • SiTech Double Exhaust X2 Valve (P/N 72190506)
  • >
  • PRO Latex Cuffs (P/N 11407001)
  • Heavy Duty Zipper (P/N 116560001)
  • Inflator Hose (P/N 72190700)
  • Suspenders (P/N 69639800)
  • Repair Kit (P/N 71001200)
  • Duffle Bag (P/N 78751790)
  • Suit Manual


  • Blend of natural and synthetic rubbers (NR/EPDM) on a 2-way stretch knitted polyester lining
  • Material weight: 1050 g/m2 +/- 100 g/m2


  • Internal seams stitched together with elastic tape for security
  • External seams vulcanized with 25mm rubber tape
  • Vulcanization is a chemical bonding process, ensuring watertight seams


  • Additional layers of anti slip textured rubber are applied to areas at risk of wear.
  • Reinforced shoulders and zipper
  • The trouser rear reinforcement extends around the thigh and across to the front of the legs, and down over the boots.


  • Red/Black (shown)
  • All Black versions available. Please contact your Amron representative if you are interested in the all black version.


  • EN 14225-2 Certified
  • EN 14126 Certified (Bio Protection)
Viking PRO 1050 g/m2 Vulcanized Rubber Drysuit with Surveyor Hood

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  • Are the Viking PRO, PROTECH and HD Suits suitable for diving in water contaminated with Ammonium Nitrate?
    Yes. However, Ansell/Viking cannot provide firm permeation rates since no permeation tests have been conducted at a third party institute.
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