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Parker Research UW-115 Underwater Contour Probe 115 VAC

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  • Articulating legs provide maximum surface contact
  • Lower leg assemblies may be removed for cleaning
  • Upper leg section entering the body are sealed to prevent water intrusion
  • Each unit comes standard with 3 feet of 16/3 SJOW cable


  • Power: 155 VAC, 4 amp, 50-60 Hz Power Source with a suitable Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI)
  • Dimensions: 9.15 in. L x 2.10 in W x 7.4 in. H
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs

The UW-115 Underwater Contour Probe is an electromagnet capable of inducing a strong magnetic field in ferromagnetic alloys. The coil is wound on the center body section and then encapsulated in a molded nylon housing using a special polyurethane.

Articulating legs provide for maximum surface contact and allow for precise application of the magnetic field. The lower leg assemblies may be removed for cleaning and oiling.

The upper leg section entering the center body are sealed to prevent water intrusion. A metal strain relief is mounted at the rear and will accommodate a power cable up to a maximum of .420 inches O.D. Each unit comes standard with 3 feet of 16/3 SJOW cable.

The UW-115 operates from a 115 VAC, 4 amp, 50-60 Hz power source with a suitable Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI)*. Never operate the UW-115 from a DC power source. To ensure that the flux strength is adequate at the end of the umbilical cable, the AC current input should be monitored. As long as the AC current input remains above 1.5 amps, and when the probe is in contact with the work surface, the lifting force is above 10 lbs, as measured under standard test conditions. Any bracket or fixture used to attach a light or handle to the UW-115 should be nonmetallic, so the induction heating does not occur.

General Operation

Generally the strongest magnetic field, and most sensitive test is achieved by placing the Contour Probe on the section with both legs squarely in contact with the surface. The test section completes the magnetic loop and maximum flux is available for entrapment. Magnetic particles are induced between the legs with power on. After each use in salt water, wash and dry the unit and lightly oil the legs.


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