Underwater Communications

For more than three decades, Amron International has manufactured hard-wired commercial diving communicators that have set the standard for quality, reliability and continual innovation. Commercial divers around the world rely on AMCOM communicators for their underwater communication needs. AMCOM communicators and AMCOMMAND Air Control Systems are available with a variety of options including a helium speech unscrambler, wireless tender, and as portable or rack mounted units.

AMCOM I Communicator used by the students at Commercial Diving Academy for the underwater communications needs. Photo Provided by Commercial Diving Academy

AMCOM Communication Systems for any Job Need

Amron’s portable communicators (sometimes called dive radios) are known by commercial divers for their dependability, ruggedness and for our famous yellow case. The AMCOM series of portable communicators are available with either non-rechargeable or rechargeable batteries and can be purchased with an internal or external battery charger. Amron’s series of communicators also have a 12 volt DC input jack when external power is available. For customers that want their communicator to be permanently installed, Amron offers a line of rack mounted units that can be purchased with all the same options as the portable line.

The rugged AMCOM II portable diving radio on the job site. - Photo Provided by Loy Solon

Advanced, Powerful Radios for Underwater Communications

Inside every AMCOM radio is a state-of-the-art PC card that offers 20 watts of power to provide clear communication between the divers and the tender. All AMCOM communicators can be used in 2-wire or 4-wire mode, and if you have more than one diver in the water, you can use any combination of the two modes. Other unique features available on Amron’s line of communicators includes a separate Push-to-Talk button for each diver, auto-detection of microphone type that automatically adjusts the gain, a built-in wireless tender, and dual processor digital speech unscrambler.

The Amccomand Air Control provides both underwater communications and air monitoring to commercial divers. Photo Provided by Igor Bartoszewicz, PHU IBF.

AMCOMMAND Air Controls Gives You Complete Control

The same advanced communications technology the goes into the AMCOM series also goes into the AMCOMMAND Air Controls. The AMCOMMAND is a complete diver’s air control and communications system that controls and monitors the air pressure to the commercial diver. The combination of an underwater communication system and air monitoring provide the tender and diver with a complete portable self-contained diver monitoring system.

Here are just some of the great features available with Amron's Underwater Communications Systems:

  • Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 diver models
  • High Audio Fidelity
    Ultra-low noise circuit combined with noise suppression circuitry produces crystal clear speech. Automatic gain adjustment will guard audio signal from distortion, enhance speaker protection and audio quality. Increases band width 47%.

  • Extended Battery Operation Time
    Audio amplifier card deploys the state-of-the-art Class-D digital audio power amplifier. Has very low power dissipation, produces less heat, and extends battery life up to 32%.

  • Flexible Gain Settings
    The audio amplifier card has adjustable gain settings to accommodate different communication applications and environments.

  • Ultra-Low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
    EMI is achieved through spread-spectrum and de-phase control techniques providing for optimum integration with diving systems.

Learn more about Amron International’s Solutions for Underwater Communications!

Visit our Underwater Communications section to see the full line of AMCOM diving radios, the Air Control Systems section for all of our AMCOMMAND Air Controls, or check out some of our featured communications systems below.



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Underwater Communications
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Underwater Communications