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Broco PC/A-5V2HR Rescue and Recovery Torch Kit

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  • 5 ft. Hose and Cable
  • 25 ft. Heavy Rescue Extension Set
  • Quick Connect Battery Clamps
  • 16 in. Rod Extender for Extra Reach
  • Medical Oxygen Adapter
  • Pelican 1650 Case

This Broco® rescue and recovery torch is the most recent evolution of the Broco® Industrial backpacked torch. It meets the requirements of Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) teams for both confined space and extended cutting operations. PC/A-5V2HR now contains a depth-compensating oxygen regulator to facilitate limited underwater rescue and damage control cutting operations to 90 fsw. RapidFire® cutting rod igniters are required for underwater ignition of cutting rods.

Torch setup comes with 5 foot hose and cable. Included in the kit is the 25 feet heavy rescue extension set. Attach the quick connect battery clamps to utilize a standard auto type 12 volt battery, bring up a shop size oxygen cylinder and it is ready for heavy cutting. Standard with PC/A-5V2HR is the Breachers A.R.C. Molle backpack system. A simple SCBA can be integrated through the addition of a second cylinder bag.

PC/A-5V2HR tactical rescue kit also includes a 16 inch rod extender for extra reach (or standoff) and a medical oxygen adapter so D&E cylinders with the post valves can be used with the torch. Everything stores inside the included storage case.

This rescue kit was purchased in early 2003 by the U.S. Marine Corps for their heavy recovery applications onboard the M88A2 Hercules vehicles. A NATO Slave plug is available to operate the torch directly from a vehicle's battery. PC/A-5V2HR is recommended for fire departments, ship-board damage control and military vehicle rescue.


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Search Weight 60
Brand Broco
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  • What is the shelf life for the battery that is included with the Broco Tactical Cutting Torch Kit?
    If the battery is left sitting on the shelf without any charging intervals, the battery will go bad in about a year. If the battery is left sitting on the shelf and it’s charged every 2 months, the typical shelf life is about 3 years.
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