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Swirl-Off 4 in. Swirl-Off Tool with 21 Cutters

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  • Removes deposits from virtually any hard surface
  • Stainless Steel one piece housing
  • Versatile, Lightweight, Portable
  • Attaches to most sanders, grinders, drills, polishers either electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic
  • Built in safety guard
  • Operates underwater
  • No lubrication or maintenance required
  • Cutter for all models are interchangeable and self cleaning
  • Replacement hardened tool steel cutters available
  • Drive adaptor for 3/8 in. or 1/2 in. drill chuck available


  • Capacity: 5/8 in. - 11 in. shaft
  • RPM: 6000 max.

The Desmond Stephan Swirl Off 4 inch Unit is designed to be used to remove heavy thick buildup of mussels, barnacles or other encrustation from steel, concrete, pilings, seawalls, bulkheads and ships.

It is furnished with a one piece stainless steel housing and attached steel knockers. The standard unit comes with plated hardened steel cutters. It is also available with a heavy duty quick change assembly. Unit comes with a 5/8 inch - 11 threaded center hole (14mm available) which attaches to standard pneumatic or hydraulic powered tools. 1,000 to 2,000 rpm is suggested for underwater use.

As the tool moves across the surface, the outside knocker bars shatter barnacles and other heavy growth. The rotating hardened steel cutters follow up with a chipping and scraping action which removes the remaining material, leaving a clean surface. Water passing through the tool keeps the cutting wheels clean. The tool is ecologically safe since it adds no harmful chemicals to the environment.

Rotary action displaces water creating a vacuum under the tool. This results in the Desmond Stephan Swirl-Off 4 inch Unit being pressed and held against the ship or work surface. Slight pressure on either side of the tool allows the operator to guide it in any direction.


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  • What material is the housing made of?
    The housing is made of Stainless Steel.
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