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Stanley Tools 04182 Flow and Pressure Tester

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  • To test tool circuits for proper function. If the hydraulic tool circuit is not functioning properly, the hydraulic tool may function intermittently or not at all.
When put into the hydraulic circuit in place of the tool, this tester will determine the following items:

    1. Flow Rate – Reads in GPM (Gallons per Minute) and LPM (Liters per Minute).

    2. Back Pressure – When the hydraulic oil is at operating temperature, back pressure should not exceed 150 PSI for best tool performance and seal life. Maximum back pressure reading should not exceed 250 PSI. This pressure is read on the “Return Pressure Gauge / 0-600 PSI.”

    3. Relief Pressure Setting – With the circuit at the recommended flow rate, the restrictor valve can be turned clockwise to add pressure to the 3000 PSI gauge. Pressure should rise to 2100-2200 PSI without decreasing the flow reading by more than 10%. Low relief settings reduce tool performance and add heat to the hydraulic circuit.

    In addition to checking flow rate, back pressure, and relief settings, the flow and pressure tester can help detect pump / valve wear and flow restrictions within the hydraulic circuit.


  • Tester Range:
    • 0 - 3,000 psi
    • 0 - 15 gpm

The Stanley Flow and Pressure Tester 04182 maintains optimal tool performance by safely measuring your hydraulic pressure & flow from your power source.


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