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SEA CON IL-8-MP In-Line Wet-Con Connector - 8 Pin Male

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  • Underwater camera and lights (video system)
  • Diver communications
  • ROV systems
  • Recreational submersibles
  • Towed-array cable systems
  • Current meters
  • Food processing equipment


  • Number of Contacts: 8 pins
  • Bulkhead Body: DGS 1043 or CA630 per QQ-C-465
  • Connector Body: Neoprene B/A
  • Contacts: Copper Alloy Gold Plated
  • Guide Pins: 304 Stainless Steel
  • O-ring Material: Nitrile (formerly known as Buna N)
  • In-line Cable: 18 in. X 18/8 SO AWG cable pigtail
  • Bulkhead Pigtails: Teflon -Type E hook-up wire, 18 in.
  • Open Face Pressure Bulkhead: Up to 1,000 psi
  • Mated Pressure Bulkhead: Up to 10,000 psi (23,000 ft)
  • Mated Pressure In-lines: Up to 20,000 psi (46,000 ft)
  • Voltage: 600 VDC
  • Current: 4.9 amps
  • Contact Resistance: <0.01 ohms
  • Insulation Resistance: >500 megohms after wet mating
  • Mating Cycles: > 500 wet matings
  • Operating Temperature: 25° F to 140° F (-4° C to 60° C)
  • Width: 1 in.
  • Cable:18/8 SO
  • Mates with: BH-8-FS and IL-8-FS
  • Dummy Connector Mate: DC-8-FS

SEA CON's Wet-Con Connector series was developed to provide inexpensive yet reliable rubber molded connectors that allow the user to make and break connections both on the surface and underwater.


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