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OTS RX-100-D2-A Buddy Phone®

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  • Nominal Range: 50 to 500 meters depending on Sea Conditions and noise levels (see Sea Conditions)
  • Transmit Output Power: 1/2 Watt PEP
  • Reference Frequency: 32.768 kHz upper single sideband.
  • Audio Bandwidth: 300 Hz to 3,000 Hz.
  • Automatic Gain Control: Greater than 80 dB.
  • Earphone: Ceramic with dynamic depth compensation
  • Microphone: Not Applicable
  • Transducer: Ceramic cylinder.
  • Operating Depth: 130 feet of sea water.
  • Battery Type: Alkaline 9 volt "transistor" type
  • Weight in Air: 7 oz. (198.45 grams).

Compatible with:

  • XT-100-H Buddy Phone
  • MKII-BUD Buddy Phone D2
  • SCU-BUD/S Buddy Phone
  • SP-100D-2 Digital Buddy Phone
  • TEC-BUD/S Buddy Phone
  • SSB-2010 Aquacom
  • SSB-1001B Aquacom
  • STX-101 Aquacom
  • SSB-2000/1 Aquacom
  • STX-100 Buddy Phone

The Ocean Technology System (OTS) RX-100-D2-A Buddy Phone is a receive only unit designed as an acoustic underwater listening device to be used with all Buddy Phone® or Aquacom® transceivers within range and on the same frequency. To use the OTS RX-100-D2-A Buddy Phone, the diver simply attaches the RX-100-D2-A to his or her own face mask by positioning the phone right over the ear and is ready to go. When the diver enters the water, the RX-100 powers up and cycles to the receive mode only - ready to only receive messages.

The OTS RX-100-D2-A Buddy Phone® has a new squelch which only allows signals at a specified strength over a threshold to be played over the speaker. This helps decrease bubble and marine biological noise. The OTS RX-100-D2-A is the most powerful tool an instructor or underwater tour guide can use. It allows verbal communications helping the new diver feel more secure.

Please see the OVERVIEW tab for a list of compatible underwater communication devices to the OTS RX-100-D2-A Buddy Phone.


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