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OCEAN REEF PAL Gamma Alpha Hard Wired Audio Video Communication System

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  • Hard-wired audio and video communication system
  • Alpha Pro X-DIVERS full duplex diver's communication unit
  • Surface unit supports up to two divers
  • 7 in. LCD color monitor


    • Surface Unit:
      • 7 in. 16:9 color LCD monitor, brightness and color controls
      • On/off and speaker volume adjustment switch
      • Microphone
      • Incorporated speaker
      • Switch for communication between surface & diver 1, surface & diver 2, surface & diver 1 & diver 2
      • Headset port (headset optional)
      • Audio output for recording communications
      • Audio/video recall button from divers
      • 110/220v Volt A/C Charger and battery
      • 12 volt rechargeable battery
      • 2 plugs for audio connections to divers
      • 2 plugs for video connection to two divers
      • 3 video out plugs
      • Underwater unit volume adjustment (for both divers)
      • Switch for the video: 2 positions to show the video of diver 1 or diver 2
      • Stand-by autonomy: 24 hours
      • One Professional surface/diver cable (164 ft. / 50 meters long)
      • Length: 18.0 in.
      • Width: 18.0 in.
      • Height: 14.0 in.
      • Weight: 34.0 lbs.
  • Underwater Communications Unit:
    • Waterproof piezoelectric speaker
    • D-Mic microphone and receiver
    • Full duplex system allows clear communication
    • Audio/video recall button
    • 6 pin waterproof connector
  • Communications Cable:
    • Cable Length: 164 ft. (50 meters)
    • Color: Yellow
  • Video Cable:
    • Cable Length: 164 ft. (50 meters)
    • Color: Yellow

Gamma Alpha Hard-Wired Audio/Video System (PAL) - P/N: ORI-OR033105 Includes:

  • (1) Surface Supplied Communications Cable (164 ft.) - P/N: OR033134
  • (1) Underwater Communication Unit - P/N: OR033135
  • (1) Surface Supplied Video Cable (164 ft.) - P/N: OR008575
  • (1) Micro Video Camera with Underwater Housing (PAL) - P/N: OR008574

The OCEAN REEF Gamma Alpha is an integrated hard-wired audio and video communication system. The surface unit supports up to two divers with both audio and video. The installed 7 inch LCD color monitor displays the video feed from only one diver, but with a simple flip of a switch, diver two can be displayed on the video monitor.


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  • What is the wire gauge size for the Ocean Reef Professional Cable?

    1x Micro-coaxial: Conductor 28AWG, Tinned copper braid coverage >90%

    4x Conductor 25AWG

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