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OTS ME-16R Hot-Mic® Element (150 Ohm)

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  • Membrane is designed to allow a user to take the mask off at the back of the boat while in the water
  • Can withstand a differential pressure of about 12 feet, which means if a diver takes off the ffm at the back of the boat and drops down to 15 feet, the membrane will not be able to keep the water out and the microphone element will be damaged.
  • If you expose the ME-16R Hot-Mic® at any depth down to 130 feet and come up, no damage will occur.

The patented OTS ME-16R Hot Mic® evolved from many years of research and development to design a true noise canceling microphone that can withstand the harsh marine environment. Many off-the-shelf elements have been used in diving helmets and full face masks (ffm), but require some sort of protection. The protection usually compromises the quality defeating its use. The ME-16R Hot Mic® has proven itself time and time again on many movie sets and Search & Rescue operations. The sound quality produced using a ME-16R Hot Mic® is second to none.

A special membrane is used on both sides of the diaphragm which allows air, but not water, to enter. This allows the microphone to cancel noise that is more then 1/4 in. away. Racket such as air, bubbles and breathing noise are virtually eliminated. This is especially noticed when using a full face mask with an oral-nasal cavity.

Designed to be robust, the membrane is designed to allow a user to take the mask off at the back of the boat while in the water. In the past, microphones being exposed to sea water or to water while cleaning had a short life, not so with the ME-16R Hot-Mic®. The ME-16R Hot-Mic® Element can withstand a differential pressure of about 12 feet. In OTS's tests, several dives were made to 35 feet and the AGA full face mask with a Hot Mic was removed. After putting the mask back on and clearing it, communications were fine. The ME-16R Hot-Mic® will give you the finest intelligibility available and last for months with little maintenance.


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  • Can I replace my 1406 A/B microphone with an OTS Hot Mic or Super Mic?
    No. The OTS microphone connection is different and cannot connect to the 1406 A/B microphone post.
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