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Kirby Morgan 500-010 SuperLite® 17B Commercial Diving Helmet with Bare Wire Posts

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    • SuperFlow® Regulator - The 505-027 SuperFlow® "B" Regulator on the SuperLite® 17B offers high performance. The regulator has been tested at Dive Lab at Panama City, Florida. It meets all current U.S. Navy and European diving standards.
    • Air Train - The air train diffuses incoming breathing air/gas onto the face port/lens to defog and ventilate.
    • Brass Handle - Handle can be removed without breaking seals, making it quick and easy to attach accessories.
    • Defogging Steady Flow Valve - Provides an additional flow of gas into the helmet for ventilation and defogging.
    • Emergency (EGS) Valve - Supplies backup breathing gas to the diver.
    • Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Shell - Kirby Morgan® has over 50 years experience in composite laminations. The helmet shell is hand laid up glass fiber reinforced thermal setting polyester (fiberglass) with carbon fiber reinforcement at key points for added durability. It is light and highly impact resistant, and provides a heat/cold barrier as well as being an excellent electrical nonconductor.
    • Gas Supply Non-Return Valve - Commercially Rated™ It prevents loss of gas pressure in the event of umbilical damage.
    • Nose Block Device - Allows the diver to block the nose to equalize ears.
    • Side Block - Multi-use side block has additional ports built in to provide controlled air flow, if needed.
    • Silicone Oral Nasal Mask - Made of a superior silicone material which is hypo-allergenic and has a longer work life than latex.
    • Whisker Wings - Bubble deflecting Whisker wings keep bubbles further from face port and ears, improving visibility and decreasing internal noise.
    • Neck Dam/Yoke Assembly secures the commercial diving helmet to the commercial diver’s head and positively prevents accidental removal. The angled neck dam helps the helmet ride comfortably while working face down.
    • Low Pressure Plug is removed and replaced by a suit inflation hose when the commercial diver is wearing a dry suit.
    • Communications are either bare wire posts or a male Marsh Marine style waterproof connector.
    • Latch Catch Mechanism locks the neck clamp and yoke in place.
    • Water Exhaust automatically keeps water drained from the commercial diving helmet.
    • Kirby Morgan Quad-Valve™ Exhaust System (Patents Pending), The Kirby Morgan Quad Valve Exhaust System is a superior exhaust system with exceptionally low exhalation resistance that helps to keep the commercial diving helmet free of contaminants in polluted water. The Kirby Morgan Quad-Valve™ Exhaust System is the first exhaust that isolates the breathing system from the surrounding water with a four valve, low breathing resistance design.


    The SuperLite® 17B helmet has been tested and conforms to the performance requirements as set forth in Annex II of Directive 89/686/EEC and, as far as applicable, the EN 250:2000, EN 250/A1:2006 and EN 15333-1:2008 (class B). It is fully CE marked with demand regulator SuperFlow® 350 and oral nasals P/N 510-690 and P/N 510-747.

    • Weight: 29.03 lbs.
    • Helmet Shell: Fiberglass, polyester resin, polyester gel coat, and carbon fibers
    • Control Knobs: Polyurethane
    • Lens: Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate
    • Neck Dam: Neoprene. Optional latex neck dam available.
    • O-Rings: Buna-N
    • Head Cushion: Nylon bag filled with #4 Polyester foam
    • Recommended Lubricants: All commercial diving helmets and band masks are lubricated at the factory with Christo-Lube. Kirby Morgan recommends Christo-Lube for all gas train components. Dow Corning 111 Silicone lubricant may also be used with gas mixtures less than 50 % oxygen.
    • Regulator: The 505-027 SuperFlow® Regulator on the Kirby Morgan SuperLite® 17B Commercial Diver's Helmet offers high performance. The commercial diving regulator has been tested at Dive Lab at Panama City, Florida. The Kirby Morgan SuperLite® 17B Commercial Diver's Helmet meets all current U.S. Navy and European commercial diving standards.
    • Cage Code: The cage code for identifying KMDSI products for U.S. government purposes is 58366.
    • CR Standards: These helmets meet or exceeds all standards established by Dive Lab of Panama City, Florida, and are CR (Commercially Rated) marked.
    • Operational Specifications:
      • Maximum depth on air 220 FSW (67 MSW) with the old style single exhaust or new Tri-Valve® Exhaust.
      • Maximum depth on air - 150 FSW (45.73 MSW) when equipped with the old style double exhaust whisker assembly.
      • Maximum depth on HEO2 Surface Supplied, 330 FSW (100 MSW) Work rate - Heavy - 62.5 - 75 l.p.m. RMV. Maximum current - 3 knots with standard exhaust, 5 knots with Tri Exhaust Umbilical, 3/8 inch Maximum length 600’ (183 MSW)
      • Breathing Gas Requirements, 4.5 a.c.f.m. at the side block at depth.
    • CE Approved: The SL 17A/B helmet is CE Approved.
    • Temperature Limitations:Use at water temperatures below 33° F (1°C) requires use of Hot Water Shroud (Part # 525-100) and hot water.

    SuperLite® 17B Commercial Diving Helmet with Bare Wire Posts - P/N: 500-010 Includes:

    • (1) Manual SL® 17B - P/N: 100-001
    • (1) Logbook with Pen - P/N: 125-001
    • (1) Tool Kit with Pouch - P/N: 525-620
    • (1) Helmet/Mask Bag - P/N: 500-901
    • (1) Head Cushion Foam Spacer Kit - P/N: 525-745


    The Kirby Morgan Hot Water Shroud (Part # 525-100) in conjunction with hot water to the commercial diver should be used whenever commercial diving operations are conducted using HEO2 at water temperatures less than 60°F (15.56°C) for the comfort of the commercial diver. Kirby Morgan DSI further recommends that the shroud be used in conjunction with hot water to the commercial diver whenever commercial diving operations are conducted using air or mixed gas, in waters colder than 36°F (2.22°C) to reduce the possibility of demand regulator icing.

    Usually the greatest danger of demand regulator icing will be encountered on deck when the surrounding air temperature is less than 32°F (0°C). This effect is primarily due to the refrigeration effect of breathing air pressure reduction, and the addition of moisture from the commercial divers exhalation coming in contact with the topside air temperature.

    If diving where the water temperature is 36°F (2.22°C) or warmer but the topside air temperature is below freezing, (32°F (0°C) icing of the demand regulator is possible. To help eliminate the possibility of freezing on the surface, warm water should be run over the exterior of the demand regulator prior to water entry, if the hot water system is not used.

    Only commercial diving equipment certified and tested according to EN 250/E DIN 58 642 may be used with the Kirby Morgan SuperLite® 17B Commercial Diver's Helmet when conducting commercial diving operations in European EC compliant countries.

    The umbilical assembly should be composed of good quality diving hose that meets commercial diving industry standards. Generally, gas hose will be married to the communications wire, pneumofathometer hose, and strength member in a manner that will allow the strength member to receive all the strain. There are also good quality umbilicals available that are assembled at the factory using a twisted method which does not require marrying. Regardless of the system used, the umbilical is the commercial diver’s life line and should always be of excellent quality and maintained carefully.


    The fully tested Kirby Morgan SuperLite® 17B Commercial Diving Helmet 500-010 set the working standard for the commercial diving industry worldwide! Many thousands of underwater hours have proved that the SuperLite® 17B design to be dependable, comfortable, extremely rugged, and is Commercial Rated™. The KM SuperLite® 17B has been tested and certified to meet or exceed all requirements for all governing agencies, and is also certified for use in commercial diving operations worldwide.

    The KM SuperLite®17B has been tested and conforms to the performance requirements as set forth in Annex II of Directive 89/686/EEC and as far as applicable, the EN250 (edition Jan 2000) and the E DIN 58 642 (edition Feb 1998). When this helmet is used for air diving in countries that conform to C.E. regulations, it may be used to a maximum depth of 164fsw (50 msw). I.A.W. EN250.

    The KM SuperLite®17B system consists of two pieces: the neck dam-yoke and the commercial diving helmet. The commercial diver slips on the angled neck dam with the attached yoke. The neck clamp is then slipped onto the commercial diving helmet and locked. The locking system not only seals the neck dam to the commercial diving helmet but also secures the front of the yoke.

    This commercial diving helmet also includes the Kirby Morgan Quad-Valve Exhaust System which retrofits to many of the Kirby Morgan Commercial Diving Helmets. This Exhaust System is also recommended for commercial diving in biologically contaminated water, when the commercial diver is properly trained and qualified, using recommended procedures. The Exhaust System has exceptionally low exhalation resistance that the commercial diver must experience to appreciate. The Kirby Morgan SuperLite® 17A/B Commercial Diving Helmet Retainer™ chin strap and yoke strap make it virtually impossible to have the commercial diving hat come loose. These upgrades are standard on all new KM SuperLite® 17B helmets and will retrofit to all previous KM SuperLite® 17B helmets.

    The Kirby Morgan Side Block Assembly is standard in the B configuration: receiving the umbilical over the shoulder. The KM 17B offers comprehensive head protection, an adjustable demand breathing system for gas economy, anti-flooding features, rapid emplacement, a neck dam clamp that mechanically breaks a low-pressure lock, and a trim to fit angled neck dam which seats the dive helmet comfortably, especially when working in the face down position. The pull pin neck clamp release provides a system for prevention of accidental helmet removal.


    The outer shell or bag, P/N 510-522, of the SL 17A/B Head Cushion, P/N 510-521, is now made of a durable, nylon based material (black), plus, a webbing strap has been added to strengthen the snap mountings. The material is laser cut to prevent the edges from fraying or unraveling. Velcro tabs have also been applied to the exterior for attachment of the Head Cushion Foam Spacer (HCFS, p/n 525-745).

    The Head Cushion Foam Spacer (sold as 525-745 HCFS Kit) is also now shipping in the SuperLite® 17B Helmets as an integral part of the cushioning system.

    Warning: Before attempting any diving in any type of contaminated water, a complete commercial diving and topside course in hazardous materials emergencies should be completed. The commercial divers and the topside team must be properly trained and have the proper safety equipment. All commercial diving helmets and suits can leak water under certain conditions. Divers should use extreme caution when diving in contaminated waters.

    * Please reference the Accessories and Parts categories in the left hand column for all accessories and parts associated with the Kirby Morgan SuperLite® 17B. Click on the SuperLite® 17B and then the SuperLite® 17B with Posts category and the Accessories and Parts categories will appear beneath it.

    * For Questions on Kirby Morgan® Helmet Retaining Systems, please refer to the bulletin in Attachments tab which contains more detailed information.

    Video Dive Helmet Maintenance (Spanish Subtitles)

    Product FAQ's

    Ask a Question

    • Will the Superlite 17B yoke work with the Superlite 17K helmet?

      No, the Superlite 17B utilizes a different neck ring system. The correct yoke to mate with a Superlite 17K would be part number 960-127.

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    • What is the fitting type on the emergency valve?

      The threads at the end of the emergency valve are 9/16-18. A standard scuba hose, female (9/16"-18) will attach to them.

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    • What’s included with the Superlite 17B helmet?
      • User Manual – Part number 100-001
      • Logbook with Pen – Part number 125-001
      • Tool Kit with Pouch – Part number 525-620
      • Helmet / Mask Bag – Part number 500-901
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    • Can I upgrade my 17B helmet with the new 455 balanced regulator?
      No. The 17B helmet has the Super Flow B regulator which has a smaller breathing tube that is not compatible with the 455 regulator.
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    • How do you remove the retaining pin from the dial-a-breath adjustment knob?
      Punch out the retaining pin using a 3/32" punch. Use a block of wood with a ¼" hole drilled through it to support the knob. Position the knob so the roll pin is over the hole. The adjustment knob can be held against the wood block allowing the roll pin to be driven into the ¼" hole.
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