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Hydraulics International 5G-SS-14 Booster Pump - Single Action - Single Drive - Single Stage - 1,300 psi Max Outlet - 100 psi Min Inlet Pressure

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  • Separation between drive and gas section uses three dynamic seals with dual vents
  • Air drive line lubrication not required
  • Rugged soft-seat, high-flow check valves in gas section(s)
  • Only hydrocarbon-free stainless steel, bronze, PTFE and Viton gas section internal parts exposed to gas flow
  • Heat of compression reduced for long seal life because cold exhaust air surrounds gas barrel(s) inside cooling sleeve(s)
  • Standard trim is weatherproof and suitable for offshore service
  • High pressure capability - up to 4,500 psi
  • Boost directly from unregulated high pressure gas cylinders or pipelines
  • Maintain gas purity
  • One-man portable
  • No electrical or cooling connections needed
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Boost virtually any noncorrosive industrial or laboratory gas
  • Simple maintenance
  • Mount in any position
  • Weatherproof


  • Model Number: 5G-SS-14
  • Stages: Single Action; Single Drive (Single Stage)
  • Approximate Stall Point: 14 x Drive Air (no assist from gas inlet)
  • Maximum Drive Section Pressure: 150 psi
  • Max Outlet Pressure: 1,300 psi (based on 95 psi Drive)
  • Min Inlet Pressure: 100 psi (based on 95 psi Drive)
  • Max Safe Pressure Outlet: 4,500 psi
  • Min Safe Pressure Inlet: 4,500 psi
  • Actual Inches Per Cycle: 7.00


  • Pressure Testing Piping and Hardware for Leakage: e.g., oil field, refinery, aircraft, automotive, instrumentation using gases
  • Gas Injection: chemical process, plastic forming
  • Gas Scavenging: collecting costly gas in partially used cylinders and transferring it into high pressure receiver(s) for further use
  • Life Support Gas Transfer and Charging: e.g., oxygen, helium, breathing air, diving, fire fighting/hazmat, aircrew
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Boosting for vehicle refueling stations

*Note: This Booster Pump is not O2 cleaned, if O2 option is required please call an Amron Representative to assist you further: Domestic U.S.: (877) 462-6700 International: (760) 208-6500


Hydraulics International 5G-SS-14 Booster Pump is a Single Action, Single Drive, Single Stage Booster Pump with 1,300 psi Max Outlet Pressure and 100 psi Min Inlet Pressure both based on 95 psi Drive.

An air (or gas) driven gas booster has a continuously reciprocating drive piston section directly connected to one or two gas boosting sections. The drive section includes a four-way air cycling valve and dual air pilot valves to provide the continuous reciprocation. Normally, start/stop control is accomplished by cutting off drive- or pilotair input.

The Maximum Gas Section Pressures vary by model. The Maximum Drive Section Pressure is 150 PSI for all models.

GAS PURITY: Most gases used in industry and life support must be clean and dry. Otherwise, the end use is severely compromised. Gases needing purity include argon (Ar), carbon dioxide (CO2), helium (He), hydrogen (H2), neon (Ne), nitrogen (N2), nitrous oxide (N2O), oxygen (O2) and breathing air. If gas purity is needed, all devices used to transfer gas or increase gas pressure must be completely dry and free of any lubricants. Hydraulics International, Inc.’s (HII’s) air driven gas boosters satisfy this requirement. No hydrocarbon lubrication is needed in the gas sections because the high pressure pistons slide on inert PTFE dynamic seals. And because gas barrel temperature is controlled with the cold drive air exhaust, long seal life is ensured.

HIGH PRESSURE OUTLET: Most mechanically driven gas compressors can only handle 5,000- to 6,000-PSI requirements. Mechanically driven units that can handle over 6,000 PSI are rare and costly. If gas purity is required, most of these higher-PSI units need high-pressure and high-maintenance purifiers installed—to compensate for hydrocarbon carryover created by oil-lubricated pistons. Air driven gas boosters do not suffer from these shortcomings and are therefore better suited for higher-PSI applications. HII’s standard air driven models are hydrocarbon-free and available in 50- to 25,000-PSI capacities.

BOOST DIRECTLY FROM HIGH PRESSURE GAS CYLINDERS: A mechanical compressor cannot inhale common industrial gas cylinder pressure. The inlet pressure must be reduced, usually close to 0 PSI. This is a costly waste of energy. Air driven gas boosters have no such limitation, greatly enhancing the efficiency and simplicity of high pressure gas applications where the gas source is typically supplied from portable DOT cylinders.

*Note: This Booster Pump is not O2 cleaned, if O2 option is required please call an Amron Representative to assist you further: Domestic U.S.: (877) 462-6700 International: (760) 208-6500


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