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Hydraulics International 3G-SS-20 Air Driven Gas Booster - 3,450 psi Max Outlet Pressure; 300 psi Min Inlet Pressure

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  • Boost gas pressure from 300 psi to 3450 psi
  • Hold Pressure - Can be controlled to stop at any predetermined pressure and hold that pressure indefinitely without consuming power, and restart under full load
  • Intrinsically Safe - Compressed air reduces risk of heat, flame, spark, or electrical shock
  • Contamination FREE - Separation between drive and gas section uses three static seals with dual vents
  • Increase System Capacity - Up to 50% more fills
  • Eliminate Cascading - Allows you to fill or top-off from storage as low as 300 psi (20 bar)


  • Dimensions: 12.05 in. L x 4.9 in. D x 3.4 in.H
  • Weight: 11.6 lbs. (5.2 kg)
  • Pressure Ratio: 23:1
  • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 3,450 psi (238 bar)
  • Max/Min Drive Air Pressure: 150/12 psi (10/0.8 bar)
  • Air Drive: 1/4 in. NPTF
  • Gas Inlet: 3/8 in. Female JIC (9/16 in.x 18 straight threads)
  • Gas Outlet: 3/8 in. Female JIC (9/16 in. x 18 straight threads)
  • Exhaust: 1/4 in. NPTF
  • Remote Pilot: 1/8 in. NPTF


  • General Aviation
  • Municipal Fire
  • Rescue
  • Recreational and Technical Divers
  • Dive Shops
  • Yachts
  • Rescue Services

Optional Controls:

  • Manually Driven with Integral Hand Pump Assembly 2,000 psi (138 bar) max outlet pressure
  • High Pressure Air Controls (HP regulator, relief valve and on/off valve)
  • Oxygen Fill Accessory Kit (inlet CGA connector, 60 in. inlet & outlet hoses, outlet filter, outlet on/off valve, gauge, and DIN connector with bleeder)
  • Watertight Protective Case with Wheels 22 in. L x 14 in. W x 9 in. H (559 mm x 356 mm x 229 mm)
  • Safety Low & High Pressure Cutoff Valves (set to automatically stop & restart the booster)
  • Outlet Pressure Relief Valve

*Note: This Booster Pump is not O2 cleaned, if O2 option is required please call an Amron Representative to assist you further: Domestic U.S.: (877) 462-6700 International: (760) 208-6500


Hydraulics International Air Driven Gas Booster is designed to boost gas directly from a cascade system, a gas generation system, a cryogenic system or a high pressure compressor to outlet pressures of 3,450 psi (238 bar). The unit ensures full fills even if the supply storage pressure drops as low as 300 psi (20 bar). The unit may be driven manually, by means of its integral hand pump assembly (optional); a low pressure conventional air compressor; or regulated high-pressure air storage supply (SCUBA, SCBA or NITROGEN bottles). There is a maximum of 150 psi (10 bar) air supply.

The high-pressure sections of the booster are cooled by the drive exhaust air and operate dry, non-lubricated. In the shop air drive mode, non-contaminated outlet gas is assured because of complete dual vented separation from the drive section.

This Air Driven Gas Booster is ideal for general aviation, municipal fire, rescue, recreational and technical divers, dive shops, yachts and rescue services.

*Note: This Booster Pump is not O2 cleaned, if O2 option is required please call an Amron Representative to assist you further: Domestic U.S.: (877) 462-6700 International: (760) 208-6500


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