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Haskel AGT-15/75 Booster Pump - Two Stage, Outlet 13,000 PSIG, Supply 50 PSIG

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  • Two Stage Model 'AGT' boosters provide efficient means of boosting to a high compression ratio since the ratio per stage is low
  • Air driven - no electricity required
  • No airline lubricator required
  • Hydrocarbon free - separation between air and gas sections
  • Pressures to 39,000 psi (2690 bar)
  • Built-in-cooling on most models
Gas Booster Selection Chart
Order Number
Max. Rated Gas Outlet Pressure PSIG (Bar)
Min. Normal Gas supply Pressure PSIG (Bar)
Maximum Operating Pressure with: Air Drive Pressure "PA" Gas Supply Pressure "PS"
Max. Compression Ratio
Piston Displacement Basic Displacement "DB" at Zero Load 100 PSI Drive

Typical Gas Delivery Actual Volume at Pressure (Air Drive 35 SCFM at 85 PSI)


Two Stage Model AGT Supply PS PSIG (Bar) Outlet "PO"   Per Cycle In3 (Liter) Cycles per Minute In3/min. (LIT/min.) Supply in3/min. at PSIG (LIT/min. at Bar) Outlet in3/min. at PSIG (LIT/min. at Bar)
13,000 (897)
50 (3.5)
3.5 PA
75 PA + 5PS
6.2 (.101)
620 (10.2)
179 at 150 (2.93 at 10.3)
4.89 at 6,000 (.060 at 414)

***Note: COMPRESSION ratio is ratio of outlet gas pressure to inlet gas pressure. Do not confuse this with area ratio of air drive piston area to gas piston area.***


Two Stage Model 'AGT' boosters provide efficient means of boosting to a high compression ratio since the ratio per stage is low. Maximum outlet pressure with these models is drive area ratio times air pressure PLUS supply pressure times area ratio of the two gas pistons. Since these models have interconnected gas pistons, they multiply supply pressure during the 'interstage' stroke by the area ratio of the two gas pistons. If supply pressure is too high, the booster may have 'interstage stall' at an outlet pressure substantially less than that obtainable on the 'output' stroke. The selection that shows the maximum supply pressure as a factor times Air drive pressure. This limitation does not apply if outlet pressure is less than the 'maximum supply' times the area ratio of the two gas pistons.

The selection of the proper Gas Booster for any application starts with determining which booster “series” will provide the amount of flow required. This can be determined by the chart information provided in the Overview Tab. The possible ratios for the application are determined by examination of the performance data for the booster using the air pressure and air flow available. The ability of the booster to generate pressure is a function of the drive pressure, the nominal ratio, and the maximum compression ratio. The ability to generate flow is a function of the quantity of air available to drive it, the displacement per cycle of the pump, and the volumetric efficiency. Within each booster series, there are standard materials of construction available. For applications involving aggressive gases, some material substitutions may be possible.


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