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Dwyer VFB-60-SSV - Visi-Float Flowmeter - 4 in. Scale - CC Air Per Minute - 100-1000 Range - Stainless Steel Metering Valve and Connections

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  • Exceptionally tough
  • 4 inch scale
  • Stainless steel valve and connections


  • Scale: 4 in.
  • Scale Type: CC Air per Minute
  • Range: 100-1000
  • Options: Stainless Steel Metering Valve & Connections

Pipe Connections

  • VFA and VFB: 1/8 in. NPT (1/4 in. NPT on VFB 85 and 86)
  • O-rings: Buna-N
  • Pressure Rating: 100 PSI Max.

Temperature Rating

  • VFA and VFB: 150° Max.


  • Model VFB: 3% of full scale

Model VFB Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 6-11/16 in. H x 1-3/8 in. W x 1-1/4 in. D
  • BV or SSV (open): 2-1/16 in.

Many more options are available for the Visi-Float Flowmeter. Please call Amron's award winning sales staff at (760) 208-6500 for a quote today!


Visi-Float® Series Flowmeters are available from Amron in a broad selection of flow ranges and direct reading scales for air, gas or water.

Visi-Float® Acrylic Flow meters are exceptionally tough. They are designed for use at pressures up to 100 PSI and temperatures up to 150°F. Do not exceed these limits! Flowmeters should not be exposed to strong chlorine atmospheres or solvents that may be destructive to the acrylic body.

Visi-Float® Flow meters must be mounted in a vertical position with the inlet connection at the bottom and outlet at the top. They can be mounted to a panel, in front of a panel supported by piping only, or mounted directly in rigid piping.


Product FAQ's

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  • What is the maximum supply pressure I can use with the Visi-Float Flowmeter?

    100 PSI.

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  • Can I mount my Visi-Float Flowmeter in any other position than vertical?

    No, the flowmeter must be mounted in the vertical position. 

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