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Draeger 8101781 Water (H2O) Vapor Tubes 1/b 1-40 MG/L - Box of 10

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Key Features:
  • Wide measuring ranges
  • Wide tube diameter
  • Well-spaced graduation marks and contrasting reagents for easy reading
  • 0-40 degrees Celsius operating temperature
  • Results in approximately two minutes
Water Vapor (H2O) Tubes
Measuring Range: 20 to 40 mg/L / 1 to 18 mg/L
Standard Deviation: +/- 15 to 20 %
Color Change: Yellow to Turquoise Blue
Number of Strokes using Draeger Accuro: 1/ 2
Time for Measurement: About 20 seconds / about 40 seconds
Part Number: 8101781 1/b

Measuring Range: 0.1 to 1.0 mg/L
Standard Deviation: +/- 15 to 20 % 
Color Change: Yellow to Blue
Number of Strokes using Draeger Accuro: 3
Time for Measurement: About 1.5 minutes
Part Number: 8101321 0.1/a

Measuring Range: 1-40 mg/l
Standard Deviation: +/- 10 to 15%
Color Change: Yellow to Red Brown
Number of Strokes using Draeger Accuro: 10
Time for Measurement: About 2 minutes
Part Number: CH23401 0.1

Measuring Range: 3-60 lbs/mmcf
Part Number: 8103031 3/a

Draeger H2O Water Vapor Tubes 1/b 1-40 MG/L - Box of 10. Draeger Water Vapor tubes are an easy way to detect levels of H2O vapor in your work or home. The 1/b and 0.1 tubes give measurements from 1-40 mg/l with a standard deviation of 10-15%, making them very accurate.

Drager tubes feature wide diameters, well-spaced graduation marks for easy reading, some of the best color reagents around, and simple detection using Draeger Accuro Manual tube pump.


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