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Draeger 4054001 Aerotest Low Pressure Kit (Type A)

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Aerotest Simultan Low Pressure Kit P/N 4054001 Includes:

  • Draeger-Tubes®
  • Tube Opener
  • Tube Holder
  • Flow Meter
  • Timer
  • Quick Disconnect Hose
  • Carrying Case
  • Instruction Booklet


  • Supply Pressure: Maximum 150 psi (10 bar)
  • Flow: 0.2 L/min and 2.0 L/min
  • Connection: Hansen plug
  • Transport Case: Length: 15.5 in. (395 mm); Height: 12.5 in. (320 mm); Depth: 7.5 in. (191 mm); Weight: Approx. 7 lbs. (3.2 kg)

Contaminants Detected:

  • Dräger-Tube® Oil 10/a-P
    • Measuring Range: 0.1-10 mg/m3
    • Part Number: 6728371
  • Dräger-Tube® CO2 100/a-P
    • Measuring Range: 100-3,000 ppm
    • Part Number: 6728521
  • Dräger-Tube® CO 5/a-P
    • Measuring Range: 2.5-150 ppm
    • Part Number: 6728511
  • Dräger-Tube® H2O Vapor 5/a-P
    • Measuring Range: 5-250 mg/m3
    • Part Number: 6728531

Draeger 4054001 Aerotest Low Pressure Kit Type A is the basic low pressure compressed breathing air kit, and is used for simultaneously measuring air quality and contaminants found in low pressure applications. By using the Dräger Aerotest Low Pressure Kit Type A, the quality of the breathing air from a compressor or a compressed air cylinder can be tested. The application of the test system ensures the reliable testing in accordance with the purification standard EN 12 021.

The Aerotest product family is based on the well known Dräger-Tubes® - a reliable and quick test method to detect and measure possible toxic gases. The Dräger Aerotest Low Pressure Kit Type A enables the quantitative detection of various potentially harmful substances, e.g. carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor and oil in dispersing compressed air. The values can either be determined individually or simultaneously.

Draeger Aerotest Low Pressure Kit Type A includes: Draeger-Tubes®, tube opener, tube holder, flow meter, timer, quick-disconnect hose, carrying case and instruction booklet.


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