Raising the bar

When Amron International was approached by Oceaneering, Inc. with a highly specialized project that required an entirely new class of communicator, Amron was determined to not only meet its customer’s need, it wanted to raise the bar for the entire commercial diving industry and serve notice that no equipment challenge is beyond its engineering capabilities.

“This project was a major challenge for Amron and our engineers to see if we could produce what Oceaneering was requesting,” said Scott Ritchie, Amron International VP of Manufacturing. “We were going to have to custom-design a product that didn’t exist in the marketplace. After a lot of hard work from our talented group of engineers and some great input from Oceaneering, I’m proud to say we were able to provide them exactly what they were looking for.”

Explosion proof

The Amron 2810E-ATEX Chamber Communicator is completely self-contained in thick, premium-grade aluminum enclosure, which prevents gas from getting inside the housing and eliminates the chance of a micro-arc providing an ignition source for flammable gas. Even in the highly unlikely event gas were to somehow get inside the communicator, the lack of oxygen would trap any gas inside so there’s no fire or explosion. The communicator is part of a larger explosion-proof system that protects the vessel as a whole.

In addition to being explosion-proof, Amron also included some additional design features on the communicator. Amron added a special switch that allows the diver to alternate between the inner lock and the outer lock of the chamber. A chamber light on/off switch was installed, allowing the tender to control the power to the light.

Oceaneering partners with the best

“At Oceaneering, safety is our top concern. We have to be proactive and we are always thinking contact the ‘what-ifs’, which is why we needed this communicator,” said Jason Holland, Oceaneering Project Manager.

“We felt that Amron was the best company we could partner with to get this unique project accomplished because they have proven time and again to always rise to the challenge. They also were very open to working closely with us on the design, so we always were in the loop on how the communicator was progressing and if it was staying within the guidelines of what we needed. The entire program has been a huge success and we know we can rely on Amron again in the future.”

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