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C-Squared C2MONITOR Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor

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  • Internal temperature compensated sensor
  • Splash Proof On/Off Switch, Calibration Knob, and Digital Display
  • Features an 80 dB alarm when CO levels reach 10 PPM.
  • Ready to use out of the box with no additional work other than checking on the calibration with an appropriate calibration gas at 50 or 100 PPM


  • Range: 0 - 100 PPM CO
  • Accuracy: ±1 PPM
  • Response Time: 90% in < 15 seconds
  • Sensor Type: Galvanic (Electro-chemical)
  • Sensor Life: Expect 18 months in room air
  • Warranty: 12 months under standard conditions of use
  • Stabilization Time: 15 minutes when first installed
  • Battery: 3 AAA 1.5V batteries
  • Battery Life: Depends on duration of continuous use
  • Operating Temp: 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)
  • Operating Humidity: 10-95% Relative Humidity
  • Storage Temp: -4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C)

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor - P/N: C2MONITOR Includes:

  • Internal CO Sensor - P/N: MAX-31R108P13
  • Flow Cap/Restrictor
  • (3) AAA 1.5V Batteries
  • Deluxe Black Carrying Case

The C-Squared Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor is equal to the OxyCheq Expedition Carbon Monoxide Analyzer in every way. Even the CO replacement sensor is exactly the same; the only difference is price.

The C-Squared Carbon Monoxide Monitor is designed to measure CO levels in the 1ppm to 100ppm range. This Carbon Monoxide Monitor can be used to measure the CO content to assure safety in gas mixes that may be contaminated due to the introduction of CO from internal combustion engines or other pumping devices where CO is a by-product. The Monitor is designed to be able to verify CO concentration in cylinders, as well as analyze closed spaces.

This Carbon Monoxide Monitor has a digital display, an internally or externally mounted temperature compensated sensor with a 1 year life expectancy. The power is supplied by three AAA 1.5 volt batteries providing an expected operation life of one year before replacement is required.

The case has an environmentally sealed, potentiometer, on/off switch, long life sensor and digital panel meter. The Monitor is water resistant and sealed to prevent moisture from affecting the internal components. The Carbon Monoxide Monitor is shipped in a high impact case that can be used for storage or other purposes. It is ready to use out of the box with no additional work, other than checking on the calibration with an appropriate gas at 50 or 100ppm.


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Product FAQ's

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  • My 2-Way Radio is causing my alarm to go off on my analyzer. What can I do to fix it?

    The manufacturer suggests wrapping the analyzer in aluminum foil or placing a conductive box on top of the analyzer.

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  • Should I use a flowmeter with my Carbon Monoxide Analyzer?

    Yes, the manufacturer recommends a flow rate between 100 to 300 cc per minute. If you require a flowmeter, please visit our Visi-Float Flowmeter product page. 


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