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Broco UW-SS-2 SofTouch Stainless Steel Underwater Welding Rods - 5/32 in. Diameter - 69 rods

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    • Proprietary formula key to reliability, ease of use
    • Certifiable welds with less labor costs
    • Stainless electrodes are sold in 1/8 in. and 5/32 in. sizes
    • Items come in 8 lb tube

    SoftTouch Electrodes - Recommended Current Requirements

    Catalog Number


    Electrode Type

    Current Settings





    UW-SS-1 (96 rods)

    1/8 in. (3.20 mm)

    Stainless Steel

    135 - 150

    130 -150

    125 - 145

    125 - 145

    UW-SS-2 (69 rods)

    5/32 in. (3.97 mm)

    Stainless Steel

    150 - 200

    140 - 200

    140 - 190

    140 - 180


    The Broco SofTouch Stainless Steel Underwater Welding Rods are ideal for wet welding high nickel/chrome alloys and all grades of stainless steel.

    Broco's flux enhancing proprietary formulation, BroCote, is the secret behind the reliability and ease of operation of the SofTouch® underwater welding rods. BroCote makes this electrode particularly impervious to water penetration and denigration and ensures certifiable underwater weld quality with less labor cost and time consumption.

    SofTouch® underwater welding rods are used for on-site repairs in many applications where steel must be joined underwater according to code specifications. SofTouch® underwater welds consistently meet or exceed AWS D3.6-98 specifications for Type B welds, the American Welding Society's standard for certifying underwater welds. SofTouch® is designed to pass all AWS test requirements, including radiograph, bends and hardness and is the wet welding electrode welding engineers and commercial divers prefer.

    Since 1989, SofTouch® underwater welding rods have been specified in the U.S. Navy's Ships Husbandry Manual Chapter 11, "Underwater Wet and Dry Chamber Welding." U.S. and Navy diving commands, shipyards, and underwater diving contractors use SofTouch® for repairs and maintenance on Naval vessels worldwide.

    SofTouch® wet welding electrodes are sealed in a Mil-Spec foil pouch to prevent contamination. The underwater welding rods are then packaged in a rigid resealable plastic tube which provides maximum protection. The color-coded end cap denotes mild or stainless steel electrodes. Operating guidelines are printed on the label.


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    Search Weight 40
    Brand Broco
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