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Amron Carries New Brand: OCEAN REEF

May 15, 2014 11:01:45 AM

Amron has yet another new brand to announce that we now carry: OCEAN REEF


OCEAN REEF has contributed much to the underwater diving industry and has been in the industry for over 60 years, so of course we are excited to work with them!

Some of the OCEAN REEF products we carry include:


Digital Single and Double Channel Transceiver Surface Units

Neptune G Diver Space Full Face Masks

Wireless Communication Systems



Check out these OCEAN REEF products today!



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Amron Carries New Brand: Gatorz

May 13, 2014 8:23:34 AM

We at Amron are proud to announce we now carry Gatorz Sunglasses!  


These American-made shades represent Endurance, Performance and Intensity, and they are designed with the sharpest, clearest vision possible.  Gatorz are a MUST for riders, racers, outdoorsmen, or extreme sports enthusiasts who demand the best. 


We carry three different styles of Gatorz sunglasses including Magnums, Radiators and Wraptors.

Grab your pair and hit the outdoors today!

Gatorz Sunglasses

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