Effective as of November 22, 2013, Kirby Morgan Dive Systems Inc. has a new policy in effect. Kirby Morgan will not be offering the conversion of MK21 Helmet shells (520-067), into SL 17A/B shells (520-065). One of the reasons for this: The work required for the conversion, plus other repairs required along with conversions on these units, makes this an economically unfeasible procedure.


Products affected by POLICY: MK 21 shells (520-067) on requests to be converted into SL 17A/B shells (520-065).


Products affected by Service Life Limit: Primarily older 17A/B Helmet Shells (520-065), older KMB 18 Band mask frames (520-055), Also- all Kirby Morgan fiberglass helmet shells, fiberglass yokes and fiberglass band mask frames.


Kirby Morgan recommends that fiberglass shells and frames in service for twenty five or more years (sometimes fewer depending on condition) be replaced. Because of the obvious safety issues in regards to the integrity of underwater life support equipment, Kirby Morgan feels these units have reached the end of their service life. Special circumstances, e.g. long term storage and/or infrequent use, may be exceptions- to be determined by the factory or in some cases, technicians that are factory trained and certified in advanced fiberglass inspection and repair.


For more information please see Kirby Morgan Maintenance and Repair Bulletin, or email sales@kirbymorgan.com.