Products affected: Stainless Steel Helmet Shells (P/N 560-517) and Pods (P/Ns 560-556, 560-516)


Kirby Morgan Dive Systems has found, tested, and approved a set of products for cleaning and brightening the stainless steel shells (P/N 560-517) and Pods (P/Ns 560-556, 560-516) of the KM 77, KM 37SS and KM 97 Helmets. These parts are composed of 316L grade, highly corrosive resistant stainless steel.



  • Produces two products, E-NOX Clean and UNO SF, that when used in a two-step process,remove mineral deposits, “rust” like discolorations, foreign material oxidation, light greaseand also clean and brighten the stainless steel helmet shells.
  • These products are available world-wide with the exception of China.

Below are the links to the two products Kirby Morgan recommends (E-NOX Clean and UNO SF, by WalterSurface Technologies).


Please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding use.


Step #1 for your Stainless Steel Shell or Pod

Use E-NOX Clean - Cleaner/Brightener Gel

Here is the link:


Step #2 for your Stainless Steel Shell or Pod

Use UNO SF (as a neutralizer) – High Strength Degreaser

Here is the link:


Or, if you experience any obstacles with the links above, Go to the Walter Surface Technologie swebsite, , then go to Products > Bio-Circle > Industrial Cleaning & Degreasing > Cleaners, aqueous, acidic for E-NOX. Go to Cleaners, aqueous, alkaline for UNO SF. Or phone customer service (USA) 800-522-0321.


NOTE / Tips:

Step #2 must be included. Always neutralize after cleaning.

Leaving the cleaning cloth with E-NOX on a discolored spot for ten to twenty minutes mayimprove results.


To purchase, please contact WALTER SURFACE TECHNOLOGIES. Kirby Morgan does not sellthese products.


Thank you.

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