Bulletin #10 of 2015 - August 25, 2015

Subject: Change to Products

Helmet and BandMask® Regulators Now Packaged and Sold as "Kits"


Products Affected by Packaging as Kits:

305-040 EXO® BR Regulator

505-027 SuperFlow® "B" Regulator Assembly

505-026 "A" Regulator Assembly

505-069 350 (1 inch Tube)

505-278 REX® Regulator Assembly


Regarding Helmet and Band Mask® regulators, we have improved their overall packaging and presentation. Where needed, tie wraps or other parts are included as well as a warranty card. These changes make the regulators into kits instead of them simply being “a part”. Please see page two for the regulators with their corresponding, new “kit” part numbers.


For these regulators, order the new Regulator Assembly Kit:

305-040 EXO® BR Regulator               325-772 EXO® BR Regulator Assembly Kit

505-027 SuperFlow® "B" Regulator     525-773 SuperFlow® "B" Regulator Assembly Kit

505-026 "A" Regulator                          525-777 "A" Regulator Assembly Kit

505-069 SuperFlow® 350 Regulator    525-771 SuperFlow® 350 Regulator Assembly Kit

505-278 REX® Regulator                     525-774 REX® Regulator Assembly Kit


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