Each day this week we’ll announce who will be featured in the 2012 Amron International Commercial Diving and SCUBA Diving Calendar. Last week you learned who would be gracing the cover. Now, let’s take a peek inside and check out January, February, and March.

Photo provided by Arjan Ensing Duikservices. We love this photo and so did our @amrondiving Facebook fans. This photo had a ton of votes and great comments. Love that Kirby Morgan helmet too!

Amron Diving Calendar January

Photo provided by Loy Solon. One of our favorites here at Amron International (… I wonder why?), this was a great shot of the Amcom II in action.

Amron Diving Calendar February

Photo provided by Oceaneering Diver Welders. Who can work with all these fish swimming around? How many fish can you count?

Amron Diving Calendar March