Learn more about Kirby Morgan Band Masks® offered by Amron International!



Use the Kirby Morgan Band Masks 18 and 28 :


-For light duty inspection work without need for head protection.

-In quick dive situations

-In both mixed gas diving as well as shallow water diving.



           KM BandMask 18                        KM Bandmask 28                                                                                                  









Both of these Band masks are easy to don and lighter than a traditional helmet for transport and are CE certified. They both come standard with the Tri-Valve® exhaust system, and the new BandMask® BandKeepers®. The SuperFlow adjustable regulator provides low inhalation resistance and high gas flow which lets the diver breath with less exertion.


The major difference between the 18 and 28 is the material make up of the mask frame. The Kirby Morgan BandMask 18 has a (yellow) hand laid fiberglass frame while the (black) frame for the Kirby Morgan BandMask 28 is made of  an extremely durable injection molded plastic.  Another slight difference in these two items is the size of the face ports for the 18 and the 28. Furthermore, the Kirby Morgan BandMask 28 main exhaust body of is part of the frame itself and uses a Exhaust Cover. 


Don’t forget Amron International is a stocking distributor of Kirby Morgan Diving Equipment as well as a whole host of accessory and repair parts to keep your Kirby Morgan items in top form.


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