Amron International Introduces New, Integrated 3-Diver Air Control


Model 8330i offers independent air supply control for up to 3 divers


VISTA, Calif., January 10, 2014 — In response to customer demand, and in support of its continuing mission to consistently supply quality equipment to its customers throughout the world, Amron International has developed the Model 8330i, an integrated air control, depth monitoring (pneumo) and optional communication unit for up to 3 surface-supplied divers.


Designed to meet the IMCA guideline that “no other diver is deprived of breathing gas if another diver’s umbilical is cut or ruptured,” the Model 8330i features independent high and low-pressure air supplies for all 3 divers. The inclusion of crossover valves between the 3 air supplies, each of which has been designed by Amron to safely accommodate up to 3 divers by itself at one time, provides dual backups in the event of an emergency affecting 1 or 2 divers, such as air supply contamination or failure.


“As the IMCA guidelines are being adopted by more companies throughout the world, Amron feels there is a need for a series of high quality air controls that meet the international standard,” said Scott Ritchie, Vice-President of Engineering and Manufacturing at Amron.


In addition to the air control section, the Model 8330i features a pneumo panel with 6” depth gauges capable of registering depths up to 250FSW/76MSW and an optional panel-mounted version of Amron’s Amcom III radio module for diver communication. The unit is entirely self-contained, and is housed in a durable, pressure-fused fiberglass case.


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