Some say, “why change a good thing?” At Amron International we say, “let’s make a good thing great!”

We’re excited to announce pre-orders for the all-new Amcom I Communicator featuring MP3 Connections. The MP3 connections allow the diver to listen to their favorite music or podcast while on the job. No other communicator can boast this unique feature.

Amcom I Communicator

“Amron takes customer feedback seriously, as a result, we designed and implemented this feature (MP3 connection) based on customer’s feedback,” said Amron Product Manager Joe Esparza.

In addition to the new MP3 connections, the Amcom I Communicator features:

- Improved battery life of 120 hours
- Improved speaker clarity
- Audio power to support two divers
- 2- and/or 4-wire operation
- Tape record jack

If you pre-order your Amcom I Communicator by November 30 you’ll be entered in a drawing to win an iPod Touch. To pre-order or learn more about the Amcom I Communicator with MP3 connection, click here.

What’s next for Amron’s Communicator line? “There are several features we’re considering for the Amcom 2-Diver Communicator, the MP3 Player feature being one of them. At this time we are still in the design phase, but look for improvements to the 2 diver communicator sometime next year,” said Esparza.

Tell us what features you would like to see on the Amcom II Communicator?