With the Start of Tornado Season throughout much of the country, and with Hurricane Season around the corner, we are pleased to feature a product that can help cleanup excess water and debris in the aftermath of severe weather.


TP03 Submersible Trash Pump


The Stanley TP03 Submersible Trash Pump (TP0300301) can move large volumes of liquid with concentrations of solids up to 25%. If you have water that needs to be extracted from a building or other areas this submersible pump is a great option.


Features of the Stanley TS03 Pump include:


-Handles solids up to 3 inches in size and is used for dredging and light cleaning tasks

-Removes water sand, clay and mud from work structures

-Boasts a 450 gpm discharge rate

-Has a urethane bowl that is tough, lightweight, abrasion resistant, resilient and impervious to petrochemical solvents

-Has a built in reverse flow check

-Can run dry without damage

-CE certified

-Provides easy bowl inspection and clean out


Unlike non-submersible pumps the Stanley TP03 Submersible Trash Pump’s efficient design places the urethane impeller above material flow which reduces blockage, jamming and overall pump wear and keeps liquids moving fast enough to pump high volumes of solids at a much higher head.


Get this pump while in stock and on sale for only $1,529.63 (regular price $1,834.25). That’s a savings of over $300!


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