This week, I spoke to Joe Esparza, the Product Manager here at Amron.


Describe yourself in 3 words.
Happy – Easy going – And a big procrastinator

Where is your favorite vacation spot?
This is not so much a vacation spot, but I enjoy diving San Clemente Island off a 3 day live aboard boat. The diving there is awesome; the island has beautiful kelp forest, lots of fish, and plenty of playful seals. The visibility is usually around 50+ feet and the water is usually warmer than the coast.

San Clemente

What do you like to do on your spare time?
I mostly enjoy hanging out at home with my two boys, Joey 20 and Justin 17 but a few times a year I like to go SCUBA diving and on occasion I enjoy playing golf.

If you were a superhero, what would your powers be and why?
I would like to be able to fly. I commute 100 miles every day to work, so flying would definitely cut down on my commute time.


What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you?
I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom, but one time I was driving to work and I had this overwhelming feeling that my dad died.  A few hours later my mom called me to let me know that my dad’s sister had just passed away. That phone call gave me goose bumps.

Name 3 things you would never leave home without.
I know this is boring but I’ve carried my phone, keys and wallet for years.

What do you like most about working here at Amron?
I enjoy the atmosphere at work; everyone is upbeat, hardworking, and has a genuine drive to help get the job done.  My coworkers are awesome and the customers are the best.