ESS Goggles

When ESS decided to design a set of compact tactical goggles, they got advice from the best source possible -- military personnel including U.S. Special Forces. The result is the patented ESS Profile NVG Unit Issue Goggles that Amron is offering at 26% off the regular price the entire month of June.

Featuring all the advantages of a low-profile, night-vision compatible frame, these ESS goggles have a full ventilated and filtration system that minimizes fogging and helps keep out airborne particles, dust and splashes.

The advanced ClearZone FlowCoat lenses use and anti-scratch coating on the outside and an anti-fog coating on the inside to ensure you have optimized vision during your entire mission. The Profile NVG Unit Issue Goggles have been successful in the toughest battles and are used by personnel in the U.S. Marines, Army, Air Force and other NATO countries.

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