Congratulations to Ziv Prag for being selected as the second  winner of the Amcom I Communicator promotion. Yesterday, Colin Bosher was selected as the first winner. 

Amcom I Communicator

Amron International’s Amcom I Communicator is the only commercial diving communicator that boasts MP3 connections. Now, you can listen to your favorite music or podcast as you are working underwater.

In addition to the new MP3 connections, the Amcom I Communicator features:

  • Improved battery life of 120 hours
  • Improved speaker clarity
  • Audio power to support two divers
  • 2- and/or 4-wire operation
  • Tape record jack

The Amcom I Communicator will be introduced at the Underwater Intervention Show in New Orleans, LA, January 24-26, 2012. Stop by Amron International’s booth (110 & 112) and check out the most widely-used commercial diving communicator in the world.