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Most Amron website visitors using modern browsers and operating systems will not be impacted.  Only very old browsers and operating systems will be unable to make connections using the newer TLS protocol.  


We strongly encourage all users to upgrade their browsers immediately to avoid problems browsing and other web sites, as well as to ensure a fast and secure Internet experience.


Some old browsers do not properly support the secure HTTPS communication protocols TLS 1.1 or 1.2 by default. Older SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 protocols preferred by these old browsers will be disabled by many sites including before June 30th 2018 to improve security and privacy.


This change has been mandated by the PCI Security Standards Council, the organization that oversees security standards related to online payments.


If you don’t know what browser version you are using visit:

Browsers That Support TLS v.1.1+

Compatible Browsers Required

- Chrome® v.22+
- Firefox® version v.27+
- Internet Explorer® v.8-10 (if enabled)
- Internet Explorer v.11
- Safari® v.7+
- Edge®

Mobile Browsers

- Safari v. 5+
- Firefox version v.27+
- Internet Explorer v.11+
- Opera® v. 14+

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Bulletin #12 of 2015 - October 7, 2015

Subject: Caution Bulletin

Misuse / Abuse Technician Training Certificates


Recently, there have been cases of unauthorized person posing as Kirby Morgan factory trained technicians performing maintenance and repairds on KMDSI helmets, masks and equipment, and in some cases actually teaching technician courses.


ASK FOR AND READ the TECHNICIAN'S CERTIFICATE before you hand your life support equipment over to a so called "factory trained facility" to be sure the tech is not simply authorized to take care of his personal equipment ONLY! (Non-Profit/Non-Dealer = NOT a Kirby Morgan maintenance facility).


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Bulletin #11 of 2015 - September 15, 2015

Subject: Change to Products

The 455 Regulator Will be Available as an Option October 2015 from the Factory, for the SuperLite® 27 Diving Helmet


Products Affected:

500-040 SuperLite® 27 Commercial Diving Helmet with Posts

500-041 SuperLite® 27 Commercial Diving Helmet with MWP


SuperLite® 27 Helmets with 455 regulators will be available to ship from the factory by October 2015. The SuperFlow® 350 regulator (P/N: 505-069) will continue to be available as a SL® 27 option as well.

No price increaser for the 455 version at this time!


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Bulletin #10 of 2015 - August 25, 2015

Subject: Change to Products

Helmet and BandMask® Regulators Now Packaged and Sold as "Kits"


Products Affected by Packaging as Kits:

305-040 EXO® BR Regulator

505-027 SuperFlow® "B" Regulator Assembly

505-026 "A" Regulator Assembly

505-069 350 (1 inch Tube)

505-278 REX® Regulator Assembly


Regarding Helmet and Band Mask® regulators, we have improved their overall packaging and presentation. Where needed, tie wraps or other parts are included as well as a warranty card. These changes make the regulators into kits instead of them simply being “a part”. Please see page two for the regulators with their corresponding, new “kit” part numbers.


For these regulators, order the new Regulator Assembly Kit:

305-040 EXO® BR Regulator               325-772 EXO® BR Regulator Assembly Kit

505-027 SuperFlow® "B" Regulator     525-773 SuperFlow® "B" Regulator Assembly Kit

505-026 "A" Regulator                          525-777 "A" Regulator Assembly Kit

505-069 SuperFlow® 350 Regulator    525-771 SuperFlow® 350 Regulator Assembly Kit

505-278 REX® Regulator                     525-774 REX® Regulator Assembly Kit


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