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Birns BIR-5672 Snooperette Light

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  • Brilliant Illumination
  • Small (76mm / 3 in. diameter) Size, mountable almost anywhere
  • Low-Voltage Use
  • Ability to be customized with various options to make it perfect for almost any application
  • All Snooperette lamps operate well on AC or DC

What You'll Need:

  • The Snooperette light itself (which includes your choice of lamp and lens)
  • A Mount is not actually necessary for operation but is usually quite helpful. Not included & must be ordered separately. See specifications below for details.
  • The Power Cable Assembly (Model CEF2S16-xxx, where "-xxx" is the length in feet). Not included & must be ordered separately. Power cable assembly includes standard cable connector, stainless steel cable locking sleeve (63A-003) and heavy-duty Hubbell plug installed, on 16/2 Aquaprene SO cable. (Note: the plug is not included on lengths shorter than 20 feet.) The Power Cable Assembly is available in unbroken lengths up to 1,000 feet. Cables are made to your order, so you can get any cable length that you wish. Special configurations and/or cable jacket materials are also available.

Note: Due to electrical resistance inherent in any power cable, voltage line loss will occur over long cable lengths. This causes a marked decrease in light output in low-voltage lights. Available is the BIRNS VTX, which automatically compensates for cable line loss over any length of any type of cable. The VTX also incorporates a ground-fault circuit interrupter and a dual-line circuit breaker for the ultimate in diver safety and product performance.


  • Lamp: Many different lamps are available for the Snooperette. Please see the Lamp Options table 'A' below for details of the most popular choices.
  • Lens: Six different lenses are available for different applications. Please see the Lens Options Table 'B' below for details.
  • Mount: Various mounting options are available for different applications. Please see the Mount Options table 'C' below for details.

Lamp Options Table 'A': Unless specified otherwise, the default "standard" lamp installed in the Snooperette is 32C-003 (12v/100w). These are the most popular lamp choices, but many others are available for special applications.

Lamp Part No. Volts Watts Color (K) Output Rated Life (Hours)
BIR-32C-001 12  25  2,925  260 lumens  3,000
BIR-32C-002 12 50 3,050 895 lumens 3,000
BIR-32C-003 12 100 3,350 N/A 200
BIR-32C-024 24 20 2,900 600 lumens 2,500
BIR-32C-027 24 50 2,950 2,900 cd 4,000 
BIR-32C-026 24 75 2,900 2,500 cd 3,000
BIR-32C-004 24 200 3,400 N/A 50
BIR-32C-005 24 250 3,400 N/A 50
BIR-32C-015 30 50 3,450 N/A 25
BIR-32C-006 30 80 3,400 N/A 15

Lens Options Table 'B'  Changing the lens is very quick and simple, so it's easy to keep various lenses on hand for different jobs.

Lens Part No. Depth Rating Benefit Application
Clear BIR-35A-007 900m Greatest Light Output General illumination
Clear, Deep BIR-35A-008 2,700m Greatest Light Output General illumination;
Deep Submergence
Frosted BIR-35A-009 900m Diffuses Light Beam Excellent for Video or Film
Frosted, Deep BIR-35A-010 2,700m Diffuses Light Beam Video or Film;
Deep Submergence
Blue BIR-35A-011 900m Matches Color Temperature
of Daylight (5000 K)
Reduces Backscatter in Murky Water;
Good for Color Filming
Blue-Frosted BIR-35A-012 N/A Diffuses Light Output and
Increases Color to 5000 K
Excellent for Color Filming, or
Filming or Videotaping in Murky Water

Mount Options Table 'C'  Changing the mount is very quick and simple, so it's easy to keep various mounts on hand for different jobs.

Mount Part No. Application
Stainless Steel Yoke Assembly BIR-44A-006 General Purpose Yoke-Mounting
Handgrip Assembly BIR-44B-001 Hand-Held; Leaves Hand Available for Work
Helmet Mount, Superlite BIR-44C-003 Excellent for Helmet Mounting on Kirby-Morgan/DSI's Superlite



The Birns Snooperette Model 5672 is the world's most durable and versatile small general-purpose underwater light. Proven by experience, the Snooperette was developed in the mid-1970's and, apart from periodic upgrades, remains essentially unchanged from the original, superb style. Many Snooperettes in the field from the 1970's are still in use!

The Model 5672 low-voltage Snooperette-Lite is small (3 in. diameter), and versatile, and is used by divers, on cameras, ROV's, etc. It can be mounted on a helmet, hand-held, or yoke-mounted, with choice of 25 to 360-watt lamp, and six different lens options. It's an excellent light for general-purpose illumination, and is also very good for color or black and white filming and videotaping. Instant ON/OFF and hot-restrike capability.

Model 5672 uses detachable cable assembly CEF2S16-x ('-x' is the desired length in feet). Cable is not included and must be ordered separately. Optional cable locking sleeves are available in 316 SS (63A-003) or plastic (63A-004). Model 5672 includes your choice of lamp and lens.


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