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AVOX 803600-04 Series 803600 Single Hose Inhalator without 1st Stage Regulator Assembly with Microphone Assembly

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  • Exhalation is vented directly to ambient atmosphere through a mask check valve
  • Mask-mounted microphone and housing allow for communication during use


  • Weight: 1.95 lbs.

Series 803600 Single Hose Inhalator without 1st Stage Regulator Assembly with Microphone Assembly - P/N: 803600-04 Includes:

  • (1) Oxygen Cleaned Quick Disconnect Socket - P/N: 18969-00
  • (1) Microphone Assembly - P/N: 27495-00
  • (1) AVOX User Manual - P/N: 803139-UM




The AVOX Series 803600 Single Hose Inhalator is designed for dry atmosphere decompression in a recompression chamber and other applications where it is desirable to breathe mixtures other than ambient atmosphere and is not critical if the exhaled gas is vented directly to the chamber atmosphere.

The demand regulator assembly provides breathing gas on demand (inhalation). The regulator is designed to operate with a constant inlet pressure of 65 - 125 psi over chamber pressure. Under normal conditions, the regulator will provide adequate flow rates at acceptable breathing resistance. The demand regulator can be adjusted to free-flow by turning the control knob clockwise until desired free flow is achieved.


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Search Weight 50
Brand AVOX
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Product FAQ's

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  • What does BIBS stand for?

    Built-in Breathing System 

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  • Is the female side of the quick disconnect included with the 803600 Inhalator mask?


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  • How often should I clean my BIBS Mask Hose Assembly?
    The frequency of cleaning will vary based on the hours of use. Typically the hoses should be internally cleaned at least every 6 months. They can be cleaned with SaniZide or soap & warm water, rinsed with water, and dried. Some facilities require them to be cleaned to a specific O2 cleaning standard.
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