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Analox SDAPBBNYA SDA Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitor with Datalogging - Panel Mount - 0 to 5000 ppm in N2

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  • Easily configured
  • Interchangeable sensors and software allowing greater flexibility
  • Available as either a panel or rack mount analyzer


  • Range: 0 to 5,000 ppm in N2
  • Display resolution: 1 ppm CO2
  • Alarms: 2 x high going (fully adjustable)
  • Pressure range: 700 to 1,300 mBar
  • Recommended flow rate: 0.2 to 1.0 liter/minute
  • Panel mount

The Analox SDA CO2 offers users the latest digital technology in commercial diving gas detection.

The Analox SDA series is a range of fixed external chamber analyzers used to control levels of gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. The new products are designed to be more easily configured to meet the users’ needs, with interchangeable sensors and software.


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Product FAQ's

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  • I don’t see that the SDA has any calibration pots – how are they calibrated?

    The SDA has a very intuitive rotary encoder dial, this coupled with the familiar retro toggle switches and appropriate zero and span gases will mean that these analyzers are easier to calibrate than others you may have used.

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  • My current 0-100% Analox 1000 O2 monitor also has a battery back up, does the SDA offer this?

    The SDA does not offer a battery back up option as the vast majority of diving systems now have un-interrupted power supply.

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  • My current monitors run off a mains power supply – is this a problem when considering an SDA?

    Not at all – each SDA is configured for 24VDC power as standard but you can purchase an Analox 24VDC mains power supply which is capable of powering 2 SDA modules and their accessories.

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  • Are the SDA DNV & IMCA compliant?

    Yes, the SDA comply with DNVs offshore standard E402 and IMCA guidelines in that they comply with the accuracy and feature requirements.

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  • Can I use the existing O2 sensors I have with the SDA O2?

    No, the O2 sensors used with the SDA are new and intelligent sensors which will signal when they need calibrating and changing. They also have the added benefit of having the ability to be positioned as far away from the monitor as you wish; unlike current analogue systems.

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  • I currently have an Analox 1000 (O2) monitor and an Analox 5001 (CO2) monitor in my panel. Will the SDA units fit into the same panel spaces?

    Yes. The SDA O2 will fit directly into the existing panel space.

    If your current 5001 CO2 unit is a combined panel mount you will also need the “5001 Compatibility Plate” to mount the SDA rack monitor and CO2 module. If your current 5001 CO2 unit is a combined rack mount, the SDA will fit direct.

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  • How reliable is the CO2 sensor used in the SDA?

    The SDA CO2 uses the new Analox 5S3 transducer. This twin beam, highly precise infra-red sensor will offer un-rivaled stability and reliability, requiring minimal adjustments during regular saturation diving operations.

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  • I have a USN version 5001 – is your new SDA CO2 retro-fittable?

    Yes, please contact us to discuss the special version of the compatibility plate you will require along with the range of the unit. Please note that the SDA is not USN codified.

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  • Can the SDA Oxygen Analyzer be ordered with a paramagnetic sensor?


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  • What is the configuration software for?

    You are able to buy an SDA monitor configured for O2 without the sensor. If you then purchase the configuration software you can then configure the unit to be used as a CO2 unit. This is designed to offer users more flexibility when managing spares.
    You can also access other features on this CD such as training videos and other features such as the on screen naming of your monitor to correspond with a particular chamber or lock.

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  • Datalogging is a new feature - how long does the unit log for?

    90 days of continual logging. The oldest data is then over-written.

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  • Is it possible to enable the datalogging feature using the software provided with my analyzer?

    No, unfortunately the datalogging feature can only be added at the factory.  

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  • Our panel is situated in a very low light area – can the screen brightness be adjusted?

    Yes – this option is on the basic on screen menu accessed with the buttons on the monitor itself.

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