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Amron 9100-ICS2 Internal Hyperbaric Chamber Conditioning System

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  • Feathered edge fan blade for super quiet operation
  • Stainless steel rotor ball bearings, giving long life operation
  • Wide voltage operation
  • Brushless electronic commutation provided by dependable solid state circuitry
  • Electronic locked rotor protection, current limited, with automatic restart capability
  • Per MIL STD 461 EMI standards per FCC part 15, Subpart J of Docket 20780, Class A and B radiated and conducted Emissions
  • Operating temperature range of -10 to 70 C
  • UL Yellow Card recognized (File No. E31293)


  • Cooling & Heating Capacity: 4000 BTU/hr
  • Fluid Flow Rate Required: 3-6 GPM @ 5 PSIG
  • Fluid Media: 50% Ethylene or Propylene Glycol, 50% Water
  • Fluid Capacity: 1 Quart (approx)
  • Voltage: Nominal 24VDC, Min/Max: 12/28VDC
  • Speed: 3350 RPM, 230 CFM @ 25VDC
  • Current: 2 Amp (ambient), 5 Amp (peak)
  • Depth Rating: 250 FSW
  • Input/Output Fluid Connections: 1/2 in. male JIC, left or right side
  • Temperature Rating: 25° to 110°F (-4° to 43°C)

2 or 3 Year Extended Warranties are available for this product. Please refer to the Attachments tab for further information on the program.


The Amron Internal Hyperbaric Chamber Conditioning System (Model 9100-ICS2) is designed for use in air decompression chambers and hyperbaric medical chambers. The unit has a single heat exchanger coil which can be used for cooling or heating, depending on the temperature of fluid supplied to the unit. When cool fluid is supplied the unit will provide both cooling and dehumidification of the chamber environment.

Dual fans provide additional cooling and heating power. Both fan motors can be operated during periods when maximum cooling or heating is required, or one motor during periods when the heating/cooling requirements are lower. Larger hyperbaric and decompression chambers do require multiple units for proper distribution of air. All electronics are potted for protection from the effects of pressure and humidity.

The Amron International Hyperbaric Chamber Conditioning System is constructed of polished 300 Stainless Steel. The unit is designed to operate in any mounting position and has a field reversible heat exchanger coil permitting the fluid connections to enter from the left or right side of the unit, a feature that allows flexibility for placement inside the chamber.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Amron's communications equipment is designed to be used in air chambers where oxygen concentrations remain below 23.5%. Our communications products (including communicators, speakers, entertainment systems, and other communications accessory items) are NOT designed for oxygen service, are not intrinsically safe, and do not meet the criteria given in NFPA-99, Chapter 20 and other applicable definitions. Use of our products in high-concentration Oxygen environments may result in serious injury and/or death.

2 or 3 Year Extended Warranties are available for this product. Please refer to the Attachments tab for further information on the program.


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Product FAQ's

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  • What is the internal pressure (coolant loop pressure) of the internal chamber conditioning system?

    The fluid flow rate is 3 gallons per minute at 5 psi. The internal chamber system has a depth rating of 250 feet of seawater. 

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  • How many 9100-ICS2’s can I install in my chamber if I’m using one 9000-ECS?
    The 9000-ECS can support up to three 9100-ICS2 units.
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  • When I turn on my 9100-ICS2 there is a humming noise coming from the unit. Is this normal?
    Yes, this is normal.
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  • Does the 9100-ICS2 come with the MS connector that would mate with the power connector on the front panel?
    Yes, the 9100-ICS2 ships with a 4 pin female MS connector and cable clamp.
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