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Amron 8330i Air Control and Depth Monitoring System for 3-Divers

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Specifications Air Control

  • Air Control - High Pressure Input (3)
    • Input Pressure Range: 500-5000 PSI
    • Inlet Valve - Regulating type
    • Gauge - 0-6000 PSI: Accuracy +/- 1.5%
    • Filter, In Line Pre Regulator: 50 Micron
    • Inlet Connection: #6 JIC (Stainless Steel)
  • Air Control - High Pressure Regulators (3)
    • Outlet Pressure Range: 0-400 PSI
    • High Flow: Cv = 0.8
    • Max Pressure: 6000 PSI
  • Low Pressure Input, with Check Valve (3)
    • Max Pressure: 350 PSI
    • Inlet Connection (#8 JIC)
    • Air Pressure Gauge, 0-600 PSI: Accuracy +/- 1.5%
    • Over Pressure Relief Valve Set Pressure: 350 PSI
  • Low Pressure Output (3)
    • Diver Outlet Connection, (O2 Fitting, Chrome Plated Brass)
    • Diver Outlet Valve (Ball)
  • Panel Construction
    • Panel Material: Stainless Steel
    • Powder Coating: Black Textured Semi-Gloss Polyester
    • Silkscreen Graphics: White, Green, Red & Blue

Specifications Depth Monitoring (Pneumo)

  • Pneumo Gauge, 3-D Precision
    • Mirrored Scale, 6 Inch: (3)
    • Range: Dual Scale 0-250 FSW/0-76 MSW
    • Divisions: 1 Foot
    • Accuracy: 0.25% of Full Scale
  • Pneumo Valve
    • Regulating Valve, KEL-F Seat: (3)
  • Outlet Connection
    • O2 Fitting Chrome Plated Brass: (3)
  • Panel Material
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Powder Coating: Black Textured Semi-Gloss Polyester
    • Silkscreen Graphics: Yellow

Note: HP hoses are not included. If HP hoses are required, please contact your Amron representative.


The Amron International Model 8330i Air Control and Depth Monitoring System for 3 Divers is a portable, self-contained three commercial diver high and low pressure air control and depth monitoring (pneumo) system for surface supplied commercial diving operations.

The Model 8330i is designed to provide a central control point for the supply of breathing air to three commercial divers and monitor their depth. The 8330i is housed in a durable, pressure-fused fiberglass case that provides a convenient, compact, rugged and professional system.

The system is specifically designed with three independent diver channels that meet the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) guidelines - IMCA D023 DESIGN for Surface Oriented Air Systems.


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  • Does this air control come with any documentation?
    Yes, an inspection report is included with each unit. The pneumo gauges come with a calibration certificate and sticker.
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