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Amron Hyperbaric Indoor Chamber

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  • Control Cover
  • Brass piping and valves
  • Air supply and exhaust system
  • Outside controls
  • Oxygen supply plumbing
  • Depth gauge system for each lock
  • "Easy" talk back speaker with sound powered phone for each lock
  • "Easy" electrical junction box and sound powered phone for operator

54 in. Hyperbaric Chamber Specifications

  • Design pressure: 135 psig
  • Hydrostatic test pressure: 203 psig
  • Shell: SA-516 GR70 Steel
  • Deck plates: Marine Grade 6061-T6 non-skid aluminum
  • Skid: Sturdy I-beam with lifting eyes and fork lift slots
  • View ports: 4 ea. 10 in. dia. (8 in. viewing)
  • Penetrators: 26 ea 316L stainless steel with equalization penetrator between locks
  • Manways: 2 ea 30 in. dia., O-ring sealed, double pivoting hinge, self righting with "strongback" locking mechanism
  • Paint: Sandblasted to white metal, primed with inorganic zinc and intermediate coat of epoxy. Final coat is semi-gloss polyamide cured epoxy on inside and high gloss polyurethane on outside.

54 in. Hyperbaric Chamber Dimensions

  • Inner lock: 54 in. dia. x 9 ft. L
  • Outer lock: 54 in. dia. x 4 ft.
  • Overall length: 13 ft.
  • Overall width: 63 in. (including cover)
  • Height: 72 in. 

Customer must provide a wiring schematic in order for Amron to provide a quote for the Custom Wiring Harness Accessory.


Amron International's Hyperbaric Chambers are manufactured in accordance with ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1, 1998 A98 PVHO-1a-1997 "Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy" codes. All Amron Hyperbaric Chamber subsystems, components and ancillary support systems are designed using the highest Hyperbaric and Human Engineering Standards, National Fire Protection Standards and Hyperbaric Safety Standards.

Amron International has supplied hyperbaric chambers to military commands throughout the world, commercial diving companies and research centers. Most of the equipment supplied and/or manufactured by Amron International for hyperbaric chambers is approved for U.S. Military use.

The Amron Double Lock Hyperbaric Chamber Systems are available with many options to enable you to customize your chamber.


  • Fold-up Bunk
  • Dual Control - Hyperbaric Chamber Air Supply and Exhaust
    Inside and outside controls (primary & secondary). Inside controls provide a means of overriding the external controls
  • Oxygen Overboard Exhaust System
    With a negative bias regulator and a hull stop ball valve. The overboard exhaust system is normally mandated as a safety feature
  • Oxygen mask with overboard discharge
  • Single Hose Oxygen Mask - Exhaust directly into chamber environment
    Not recommended for inner lock
  • Amron BIBS Block Manifold with Safety Exhaust Plug
  • Oxygen Treatment Panel and Hood System
  • Amron Communications System
    • Panel Mount or Portable
    • Headset, Extension
    • Sound Powered Phone
  • Temperature Monitor
  • Amron Hyperbaric Chamber Fire Extinguisher
  • Oxygen Monitor
  • Carbon Dioxide Monitor
  • Carbon Dioxide Scrubber
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • JM Canty Hyperbaric Chamber Lighting System
  • Fire Resistant Hyperbaric Chamber Bedding & Clothing
  • Ground Fault Interrupter
  • Caisson Gauge
  • Power Supply
  • Low Pressure Compressor
  • Air Receivers
  • Air Filtration
  • Oxygen Supply System with 6 Quad Rack
  • High Pressure Oxygen Bottles

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Product FAQ's

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  • What is the total weight of the indoor chamber?
    Roughly 6000 lbs.
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  • What are the dimensions of the I-beams on the CHAM54DLIMCA-ASSY Chamber?

    The I-beam used on the skid is a 6” wide flange I-Beam and the footprint of the chamber base skid is 50” X 120”.


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  • How many people can the 54 inch chamber support?
    Depending on the equipment you have installed inside the chamber, a 54 inch chamber can fit up to two people comfortably.
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