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Amron 8891-50 Hood Silencer

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  • CE and FDA Registered
  • Reduces ambient noise 94-98%
  • Easily adapts to existing systems
  • Inexpensive, single patient use
  • Standard 22mm connectors

Specifications at high VE:

  • Moisture Returned H2O/L: 33 mg at 10L VE and 31 mg at 20L VE
  • Resistance: at 60 LPM - Dry 1 cm and Wet 1.5 cm
  • Dead Space: 65 ml
  • Weight: 33 g
  • Housing: Clear
  • Tidal Volume Range: 250 ml -1500 ml
  • Bacterial/Viral Efficiency: 99.9%+
  • TB Filtration Efficiency: 99.9%+

One of the original design points of the Amron Oxygen Treatment Hood was to place the supply and exhaust connections in front of the patient's face to reduce internal noise levels. Although we achieved a significant reduction when compared to other hood designs, there is always room for improvement. For years, some clinical hyperbaric facilities have placed sterile gauze inside the supply hose as a simple means of reducing the ambient noise level within the hood. While some have reported improvement with this practice, we believe it's cumbersome, may increase back pressure and possibly cause the supply hose to disconnect. Using loose gauze also requires additional setup time and may not achieve consistent results.

Amron International's 8891-50 Hood Silencer does an outstanding job of reducing the incoming noise within an oxygen treatment hood. This hood silencer is CE and FDA Registered. The large surface area of the filter media does not restrict gas flow and is designed and inexpensive enough for single patient use. Since it already has standard 22mm connections, it can be connected inline or with an Elbow Adapter (P/N 1641) to accommodate any hood or supply hose setup. Our in-house testing found the silencer reduces incoming sound levels by 12 to 18dB (this equates to a 94-98% noise reduction), when using flow rates of 30, 40 and 50 LPM. We actually found that the higher the flow rate, the greater dB noise reduction.


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  • Can the hood silencer be used more than once?

    It really depends on how many hours per treatment you’re using the silencer and how far apart the treatments are. The rough rule is 24 hours of use; meaning if you had a treat for two hours every other day then the silencer would last 12 treatment cycles. If the silencer is going to be used in a group setting as an exhaust silencer then the silencer should be changed every day.

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