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Amron 59719-10 Exhaust Hose Assembly (10 Feet) Complete with Quick Disconnect and Hose Clamp

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10 Foot Exhaust Hose Assembly - P/N: 59719-10 Includes:

  • (1) Exhaust Quick Disconnect Socket - P/N: 59853-00
  • (1) Exhaust Hose Clamp - P/N: 20433-00

Amron International 59719-10 Exhaust Hose Assembly (10 Feet) Complete with Quick Disconnect and Hose Clamp for AVOX Pressur-Vak II and 801238 Series Inhalator.


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  • How often should I clean my BIBS Mask Hose Assembly?
    The frequency of cleaning will vary based on the hours of use. Typically the hoses should be internally cleaned at least every 6 months. They can be cleaned with SaniZide or soap & warm water, rinsed with water, and dried. Some facilities require them to be cleaned to a specific O2 cleaning standard.
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  • How do I attach the exhaust hose to the exhaust regulator?
    Hose clamp p/n 20433-00 is the double ear clamp that comes with part numbers 59719-10 and 59719-25 exhaust hoses and exhaust hose portion of part numbers 803166-10 and 803166-25. Installation requires a pincer tool to do it right. This is a pretty common tool if you’re working with hoses routinely, and they’re not too expensive to purchase locally. A standard set of pliers would not be a good substitute if you are after a secure clamp job. Please see the Attachments tab for more installation information.
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