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Amron 1406B Bone Conducting Earphone and Microphone Assembly Complete - Version B Wiring

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Version “B” is the least common of the two configurations available and utilizes pins 1 and 3 for the microphone and pins 2 and 4 for the earphone. 



Wiring Version B

Version "B" 


The Amron International 1406B Bone Conducting Earphone and Microphone communications set was designed to work exclusively with the Interspiro AGA Mask. When paired with an Amron communicator, this diver communications set offers superior sound quality.


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  • How many protective rubber covers part number 1414 do I use on my 1406 A/B Communications Assembly?


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  • How do I secure the Bone Phone on my 1406A/B Communications Assembly to my AGA mask?

    The easiest location to secure the Bone Phone to the AGA mask is to place the bone phone under one of the head harness straps toward the center area of the harness. Place the Bone Phone between your head and the head harness and tighten down the 5 straps of the head harness.

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  • Can I replace my 1406 A/B microphone with an OTS Hot Mic or Super Mic?
    No. The OTS microphone connection is different and cannot connect to the 1406 A/B microphone post.
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  • Is the microphone on 1406 A/B Communications Assembly waterproof?

    No, we use two protective rubber covers to prevent any water from entering and damaging the microphone. If you happen to damage the protective rubber cover and need to purchase replacements please order part number 1414.

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  • How can I tell the difference between the 1406A and 1406B Comm Assembly?

    The 1406B Comm Assembly has a red ban around the SO cable to identify it as a vesion "B" Comm Assembly. 

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