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Amron Amcommand ™ II Model 8225-HP2 Two Diver Air Control with Dual HP Regulators

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Specifications Air Control

  • Air Control - High Pressure Input (2)
    • Input Pressure Range: 500-3000 PSI with standard CGA850 Yoke Connections
    • ***500-4500 PSI with optional 300 Bar DIN Adapters
    • Inlet Valve (Source Select): (2)
    • Gauge - 0-6000 PSI: Accuracy +/- 1.5%
    • Input Filter, In Line Pre Regulator: 50 Micron
    • CGA850 Yoke connections with 6 ft. high-pressure hose whips (standard):(2)
  • Air Control - High Pressure Regulators (2)
    • Outlet Pressure Range: 0-265 PSI
    • High Flow: Cv = .24
    • Max Pressure: 4500 PSI
  • Air Control - Low Pressure Input, with Check Valve
    • Max Pressure: 285 PSI
    • Inlet Connection (#6 JIC): (1 ea.)
    • Diver Outlet Connection, (O2 Fitting): (2 ea.)
    • Diver Outlet Valve: (2 ea.)
    • Air Pressure Gauge, 0-600 PSI: Accuracy +/- 1.5%
    • Over Pressure Relief Valve Set Pressure: 285 PSI
  • Panel Construction
    • Panel Material: Stainless Steel
    • Powder Coating: Black Textured Semi-Gloss Polyester
    • Silkscreen Graphics: White, Red & Blue

Specifications Depth Monitoring (Pneumo)

  • Pneumo Gauge
    • Mirrored Scale, 6 Inch: (2)
    • Range: Dual Scale 0-250 FSW/0-76 MSW
    • Divisions: 1 Foot
    • Accuracy: 0.25% of Full Scale
  • Pneumo Valve/li>
    • Regulating Valve, KEL-F Seat: (2)
  • Outlet Connection
    • O2 Fitting Chrome Plated Brass: (2)
  • Low Pressure Alarm
    • Audio Range, 22.5-125 PSI: Factory set at 100 PSI
  • Panel Material
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Powder Coating: Black Textured Semi-Gloss Polyester
    • Silkscreen Graphics: Yellow

Specifications Communications

  • Model 2825A-8225 2-Diver Communicator
    • Operating Voltage: 12 VDC
    • Power: Rechargeable Battery
    • External Power: 12 VDC
    • Operating Time: Nominal 60 Hour
    • Charger: 110/220 Volt
    • Frequency Response: 300-7500 Hz
    • Audio Power: 12 Watt
    • Panel: Black Powder Coat over Stainless Steel with White Silkscreen Graphics

Specifications Enclosure

  • Case Material
    • Pressure molded fiberglass, with aluminum and or stainless steel hardware. Includes carrying handle, latches, and stay hinge to lock unit in open position (upper section is locked upright in respect to lower section).
  • Case
    • Lid closed: 20" W x 14" D x 12" H
    • Lid Open: 20" W x 14" D x 21" H
    • Weight: Approximately 76 lbs.
    • Color: International yellow

The Amron Amcommand ™ II Two Diver Air Control/Communications System is a portable, self-contained, two diver complete commercial dive system. This air control system provides everything necessary to monitor and control the commercial diving operation. It is a central control point for the supply of breathing air to the commercial divers, monitors the commercial divers' depth, provides an audio alarm if the commercial divers' air pressure falls below a preset limit, and provides superior hardwire diver communications for two commercial divers and topside personnel.

Easy set-up with high pressure air sources or low pressure air, which greatly extends search and rescue diving capabilities. To use the Amcommand ™ II 2 with 4500 PSIG inlet air supply, simply change the yoke assembly with the Model HAS-300D 300 BAR DIN adapter (optional). The hardwire diver communications system can be both, full duplex or simplex. The optional Wireless Tender provides the tender with freedom around the dive site while staying in constant communication with the divers. The case is extremely strong and durable, constructed of pressure fused fiberglass that provides a convenient, compact, rugged and professional system designed for years of reliable operation.


Additional Information

Search Weight 70
Brand Amron
Clearance Item No
Communications Yes
Video No

Product FAQ's

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  • What type of cable do I need to connect my Amron communicator to my Outland video system?
    Amron communicators and Outland Technology’s video systems have a RCA Phono Jack. To connect the two systems together, you will need an audio cable with RCA Plugs on each end.
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  • Should I use a GFI when operating my radio off AC power?

    When operating your Amron Diver Communicator on AC, it is critical to use a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) or isolation transformer for tender and diver safety. Surges and spikes are common on AC lines found on ships, generated locally, or at the end of long extension cable runs and can exceed 1kVolt. Such surges and spikes can cause the fuses, F1 and F2, to blow on the battery charger board and in extreme cases damage the charger circuitry. The battery charger is designed so that such a failure will be isolated and will not cause a safety issue to the tender or divers. It is strongly advised that your Amron Diver Communicator be operated on an AC circuit with a high quality surge arrester or an AC isolation transformer.

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  • Can I use 40% nitrox gas with my Amcommand II?

    Yes, but we do not recommend using oxygen enriched breathing mixures above 40%.

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  • Does the 8225-HP come with any documentation?

    Yes, an inspection report is included with each unit. The pneumo gauges come with a calibration certificate and sticker.

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  • How much does the 8225-HP2 Air Control weigh?

    76 lbs (34.47 kg) 

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  • Can you change the #6 JIC low pressure inlet fitting to a #8 JIC fitting on the 8225-HP Air Control?
    Yes, but that type of fitting can only be ordered in stainless steel and there will be an additional charge for changing the fitting. Please contact your sales representative for more information.
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  • Is the 8225-HP2 IMCA compliant?

    No, the high pressure regulators are not independently routed and they share a common air manifold.

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  • Can the pneumo gauge be ordered in meters of seawater?

    The gauges supplied with the 8225-HP and 8225-HP2 are dual scale in both feet and meters of seawater.

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  • Can I connect my one diver communicator to my computer so I can record audio?

    Yes, you will need a cable that allows you to connect the communicator to your computer. You will also need audio recording software installed on your computer. On the back of the communicator there is a single RCA Phono jack (color-coded black) that provides a transformer isolated of both the diver and tender communications. It is designed to drive the standard line-level inputs of audio or video recorders with input impedances as low as 600 Ohms.

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  • What is the input voltage range for the 2823-603 External Battery Charger?
    The 2823-603 can operate over an input voltage range from 90-264 VAC. It operates over an input frequency range from 47-440 Hz.
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  • Why does the speaker on my communicator sound muffled?
    The simplest way to fix this issue is to unplug the red banana plug from the red microphone 5-way binding post on the communicator and rotate it 180 degrees then reinstall it. This should fix your problem. For a more detailed explanation of what happened, please read below. The issue is not with the communicator, it is with the wiring of the umbilical. There is always the potential for wiring the speakers and microphone out of phase, similar to wiring the speakers on a car stereo system. There is an orientation to the banana jacks and they should be wired for proper phasing with the communicator. A banana plug does have an identified ground side marked on the plug. Amron always sets up their umbilicals so that the ground side is located on the left side so the user can consistently plug in their umbilical and avoid phasing issues. If a banana plug is plugged upside down or is wired out of phase, the sound quality will be significantly reduced. If the phasing is out and the orientation of both plugs are the same, then the banana plug wiring should be reversed on “only one plug” to avoid this issue again. It does not matter which plug you choose to reverse the wiring on.
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  • Can I operate my communicator while I’m charging the internal battery?
    Yes, however, the charger will charge the battery at a slower rate as some of the charger power is being used to operate the communicator. For the communicator only, units without options, about 20% of the charger’s power is being used by the communicator but units with HSU (Helium Speech Unscrambler) most of the battery charger energy is going to the communicator and HSU.
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  • How can I test for a blown fuse on my Amcom II series communicator?

    If the unit is plugged into a live outlet and turning on the switch does not cause the AC POWER LED to light up, then the fuse(s) are probably blown. Unplug the unit from the outlet, remove the fuses and check continuity with a multimeter. Replace any fuse that does not show continuity.

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