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ACR Electronics L8-4 Water Activated Personal Rescue Light for Life Vests - Case of 25

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  • Activate upon immersion
  • Operate in fresh or salt water for eight hours or more
  • Long shelf life
  • Over one mile visibility
  • Ideal for life vests and rafts


  • Size:
    • Battery case: 3.8" H x .98" W x .42"D
    • Light: 1.0"H x 1.5"D
  • Lead length: 18" standard
  • Weight: 1.8 oz
  • Light: 360° horizontal beam 2° wide at 1.0 min. Candela, nominal 2.5 Candela. Vertical beam 7 Candela nominal
  • Battery: 1.4 volts at 190 ma
  • Operating life: 8 hours minimum
  • Service: Unlimited - per local aviation authority
  • Case color: Blue
  • Certification: FAA TSO-C85

ACR Electronics Water Activated Personal Rescue Light for Life Vests - Case of 25 is compact and lightweight, yet the brilliant light beams can be seen for over a mile on a clear, dark night. Water activated batteries answer the need for a reliable, long-term storable power source for any number of electronics devices. When kept dry, with plugs in place, the cells have an almost indefinite shelf life, are non-toxic and environmentally safe. They are immediately activated by immersion in any liquid which is mostly water. There are no switches to malfunction.

The proven technology of water activated battery power can be utilized for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • personal lights on life vests and jackets aboard aircraft or ships
  • personal safety lights for military trainees during nighttime exercises
  • a helicopter emergency exit lighting system which activates on contact with water to provide an easily recognizable escape route from a downed craft
  • an emergency power source to operate flashlights, radios, cellular phones and other gear when other power is unavailable

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