The Amron International Models 8225i, 8225iC, 8330i, and 8330iC were specifically designed to meet the IMCA guideline D023 DESIGN for Surface Oriented (Air) Diving Systems.

Amron’s air control systems are designed so each diver possess their own high- and low-pressure air supplies that are independent of and isolated from other divers’ air supplies, which has also been designed to meet the IMCA guideline D023.

Each diver channel includes a high pressure section which consists of an HP inlet pressure gauge, HP on/off valve, HP pressure reducing regulator, and ¼ turn ball valve. The low pressure section consists of an LP inlet fitting, LP air supply ¼ turn ball valve, LP gauge to read umbilical pressure, ¼ turn on/off valve and oxygen diver outlet fitting.

The inclusion of crossover valves (between the independent high and low pressure air supplies) is capable of providing backup to the other two divers in the event of an emergency affecting the other air supplies.

The pneumo section consists of one 6 inch precision 0.25% of full-scale accuracy gauge per diver. Each gauge is dual scale 0-250 FSW / 0-76 MSW with one foot increments and includes a certificate traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The air supply to the pneumo hose is controlled by a regulating type valve and the diver’s pneumo outlet fitting is oxygen.

The heart of the communication system for the 8225iC and the 8330iC is the field proven design of the AMCOM Diver Communication System. The AMCOM series of communicators features 20 watts of power, individual diver communication channels, and can be used in 2-wire or 4-wire mode.

Each unit is powered from an internal rechargeable gel-cell battery that can operate for up to 20 hours, plus the external battery charger is included.

* Wireless Tender option is available.

The pressure molded fiberglass case is field proven with many years of service for Amron’s 8330 Air Control System. Each case includes three carrying handles to allow for easy transportation, two durable case latches, and a stay hinge lock.

The case comes in international yellow and all hardware on the case is made of stainless steel or aluminum.